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  1. What Happened In One Year?!

    Buddy Cooper
  2. Be Careful Out There

    I received a call that my father passed away. They said he caught COVID and died within a week. Im not sure how, as he never leaves his house. Anyway I know the States seem to have it under control, but still be careful. NOT fearful, but just careful. My cousin, his wife and son caught the...
  3. Philippines: Our Christmas Gift

    Typhoon Odette (Rai) hits The Philippine National Police said at least 375 people were killed, 56 missing, and over 500 injured due to the typhoon. Hundreds of thousands of families now remain in evacuation areas after the typhoon—which tore through parts of Visayas, Mindanao, and...
  4. Next Gen Everest Is Coming

    Im waiting to see what versions they produce in the later iterations.
  5. Any Bronco Order Regrets?

    Ford is going to release an Bronco Raptor, wondering if anyone will change their order. Im not sure how legit the video is. There is an official Ford Teaser video on the Forums.
  6. Simple LED Head Scratcher

    Ok, I know Im going to seem like an idiot but I cant figure this out. I mean this is as simple as you can get, so I guess Im having one of those moments. Superflux LED 3.1-3.5v @20ma 12-13v I need atleast a (495) 560ohm resistor for one. I calculated I could run 3 in series most likely 4...
  7. Need Help With A Project (Electrical)

    So I have some very basic knowledge of electronics. Well, maybe less than basic. :oops: The pic provided: Is this ok, trying not to use three relays. Everything is fused and the relay coil will also have a diode. I have red fog lights in the rear that work from a switch in my light selector. Im...
  8. Added Vinyl (Yes Or No)

    This Everest is the first Red color I ever owned, to me the color looked good on this body shape. However this color is sold on every year of this gen. So, everyone else thought it looked good too :rolleyes:. Im trying to break up the the color some and added these, I wish it did not say...
  9. AzScorpion Reaction Score

    You probably have the highest reaction score in this forum. Is that the power of the Damper side??????? ?
  10. Anyone See This?

    Sorry if its a re post.
  11. Ford Performance Battery Maintainer

    I was getting ready to pull the trigger on this, and after finding out some good information from a member here. I decided to ask the forum if this is good or should I look at something else...
  12. Overseas Answer To The Tremor?

    Ranger Fx4 MAX
  13. Dynamat Or Equivalent

    First, I know very little when it comes to sound systems. I want to put something like Dynamat( I cant find it here) in the front and rear doors and the lift gate. Im hoping for a little improvement, nothing major at all. I will have these panels apart anyway, so figured I would do this...
  14. Technology Can Be Nice

    Check out this Audi plant, really cool shots of the cars production.
  15. What Is This For?

    Im wondering if this is for towing? Its plugged into a blank, passenger rear by the exhaust.
  16. Anyone Know What This Is?

    I was looking at this piece, I cant figure out if its just for sound dampening or what. Im pretty sure its not for water capture bc there is no drain for it. EDIT: This is a Bi turbo Engine
  17. Congratulations To Perseverance Safe landing!!

    Perseverance traveled around 293 million miles to reach Mars over the course of more than six months after it launched on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket on July 30
  18. Rear Camera Ideas/Feedback

    This will be hard to visualize even with the poor quality pics I provide. I have a rear factory camera and installed camera for my mirror. I just temporarily mounted the camera under my bumper until I figured something else out. I ordered a cheap china Ford badge with camera that is intended...
  19. 1980 Ford F250 4x4 76 original miles

    This looks to be in good shape, and brings back alot of memories.
  20. Perseverance Almost There

    This is an interesting site to look at once in a while. Its exciting and hopeful.