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  1. Maine AFE muffler delete 200$

    They are, I'll update the post. My bad.
  2. Whelp... im back in a Ranger!

    Big-ish progress day on the ol gal today. I decided that just building it a new exhaust from its factory header to the rear wasn't going to be enough work... so I decided to go full ham and get some shiny new mid-tubes to compliment what i was already planning 🤠 The header is listed as...
  3. Maine AFE muffler delete 200$

    Salt belt life brother lol. Even the most bourgeois mixtures of stainless end up with some 'acne' after a year in service up here. There would be nothing left of aluminized over the same time period. It's 409 though, few minutes with a wire brush or a flap wheel and it'll look good as new.
  4. Antarctic Ford

    Owner probably makes threads titled 'snow driving, when to use 4x4?' 😋
  5. Decided on 5G instead of 6

  6. Rangers in SNOW

    I consider this my ranger... at least.. this is what my ranger turned into when ford couldn't fix it last year 😋
  7. For what it's worth it lasted longer than the last one

    FFS. Right after you get the new lights too... why does that shit always happen lol.
  8. Maine AFE muffler delete 200$

    I have someone who says they want them, if something changes I'll shoot you a message.
  9. Anyone NOT have problems with the Ranger?

    The gasket for the 3rd brake light was installed crooked.. worked well for nearly 2 years but finally started allowing ingress.
  10. Help!, What oil?

    Yeap.. Definitely a bot lol.
  11. Anyone NOT have problems with the Ranger?

    My 21 was trouble free until 40k, then the driveshaft center bearing took a crap and it started leaking water into the cab. Promptly traded it for a 23 bronco... which also leaks water into the cab 🙂 its got a single piece shaft though so.. at least there's that.
  12. Maine AFE muffler delete 200$

    Getting close to the last bump lol. 100$ for the fogs, shipped. 100$ for the shocks, shipped. Shoot me an offer on the exhaust.. id probably be happy with 200$ shipped.
  13. Porsche Headlights: A New Theft Epidemic

    I'm with isis on this one...
  14. Hellcat Humvee - Just Because You Can…

    So much old man salt in here its near unbelievable lol. "Confound it! If I don't approve of it, it shouldn't be done!"
  15. Inexpensive Toyota

    I was able to fit an entire 60's 8 foot stepside bed off a GM truck in my 2 Inch ranger bed... ..It was completely disassembled.. but still 😝
  16. Second Spare Wheel?

    At least all evidence of his existence here wasn't erased like somebody else 🙄 lol
  17. Honda Attempts Suicide By Ranger

    It's hard to do... extremely hard sometimes... but I believe the world would be a lot better place and people would be much happier If "we" would stop "thinking" using EMOTION... and instead.. let LOGIC and reason power said thoughts and actions. Emotion, lots of times, is completely devoid of...
  18. Are pit crews just barbie for men?

    No kidding lol.. don't know what made it pop into my head but damn.. those were the days weren't they? Pre-social media.. everyone was way happier.. healthier.. Excuse me while I go dig out my stack of Calvin and hobbes books and reminisce.. until it makes me depressed.. and then need to...