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  1. 22 Ranger Flunks Seat Belt Test I'm going to have to say that the seat belt reminders in my 2020 Ranger seem to be excellent. Did they take something away? (again)
  2. 2 Tremors at Dealer w/ Odd Pricing

    I noticed two Ranger Tremors at a nearby dealer. This morning I looked them up on the dealer's website. The pricing seems odd. FIrst they are both marked up over MSRP. Okay. But they are identically equipped and the red one is way more. Is red way more popular than black? By the way, I'm not...
  3. FordPass Issues = Rewards Points?

    I just received this message
  4. Stands to Reason; Ranger Should Be Able To Do This
  5. 1 Year, 10,000 Miles All Is Good

    I have not had any problems with my Ford Ranger. After being inundated with emails, Ford Pass App messages and even text messages, I decided I would take it to the dealer for "service." I'm reminded why I change the oil myself. I waited more than two hours. It turned out that they were out of...
  6. Ad Blocker iPhone Safari Forum Unreadable

    I’m having a difficult time viewing and posting using Safari browser on the iPhone. Ads keep rotating making my screen jump. It’s more than annoying. It breaks the functionality of the Ranger5G forums. I installed an ad-blocker a while back and it “fixed” the problem. However, the ad-blocker...
  7. K&N Oil Filter SO-1002? WTF?

    I have been using the K&N HP-1002 oil filters on my Ranger, and before that on my Explorer. The HP oil filters are the ones with the nut welded on them to help loosen them. I don't care about the nut so much and I buy them because they are marketed as being high flow. I have been buying them at...
  8. Battery Voltage When Installed vs When Not Installed

    I am trying to diagnose a problem with my battery or charging system. Using a multi-meter, when connected my battery measures 12.1 volts and when disconnected it slowly rises to 12.5 volts. I am thinking that a fully charged AGM battery should be 12.7 volts when not under load. Can anyone let...
  9. Benchmarking the Tremor w/ '20 XLT FX4

    So I think I can do this at a pretty affordable price. Here is where I'm starting. ☒ = Already part of the FX4 package or I already have it. Tremor Package – Enhanced Performance Features ☐ Off-road tuned suspension ☐ FOX 2.0 monotube dampers with rear piggyback reservoirs ☐ Rear multi-leaf...
  10. What are the 3 mounts behind back seat

    What are the three mounts behind the back seat of the crew cab? They do not correspond to anything on the seatback.
  11. JLT Performance Catch Can Clearance Issue

    I thought that the clearance was pretty tight with the catch can mounted on top of the engine. Evidently my thoughts were on the mark. Today, after strong acceleration, the catch can torqued up into the hood and broke the mount to the catch can. Has anyone else had an issue like this?