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  1. Portable compressor for airing up them tires

    I've got the same compressor as Utope but with a 4 tire hose kit. it takes about 3 mins to air up all 4 tires. 285 75 16 15psi to 35 napa dual cylinder compressor $150 ssw brand dual air compressor thor's lighting dual Four-Tire Inflation System
  2. California Decked Drawers 5’ [$700]

    This is great deal, love mine
  3. Portable compressor for airing up them tires

    rad setup!
  4. Towing while leveled

    ty! Yes, leveled
  5. Towing while leveled

    truck will squat a little just remember to put the truck in tow mode
  6. Better ride quality - 2WD mainly city driving

    Eibachs & global leaf pack
  7. Pennsylvania ARE CX Classic - 5ft bed - fully loaded - $750.00

    debating on making that 40 hr drive
  8. California Auto Folding Mirror Module $60

    I believe our mirrors are already power folding. this module allows them fold when u lock the truck!
  9. Nevada Used 2.3 Engine Cover

    please place me on the list too!
  10. California Auto Folding Mirror Module $60