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  1. California Sold: New Raptor Grill With Lights……

    Brand new, never installed and has lights. $100 plus shipping or local pickup…. I’m next to LAX airport, Los Angeles, California. ************************************************************************* SALE PENDING TILL FRIDAY SEP 1st. Thanks.
  2. Amp Research Power Steps Review……

    I should not have waited 4 months before installing them on my 2023 Lariat…… They are great!!! I’ve had them before on three of my super duties where they were definitely needed but now I have two bad knees, waiting on two knee replacement surgeries, and the Factory step was way too high and you...
  3. How Do You Remove The Drivers Door Sill Plate?

    **** Updated**** 2023 Ranger Lariat…… I need to remove the drivers door sill plate. I’m really unlucky in removing things with tabs on it. I break more than a few of them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I did Google it and I did search it on here and I couldn’t find anything for...
  4. California Sold: 2023 lariat, tires and wheels 3000 mi.

    2023 Lariat wheels and tires with 3000 miles on them. Sensors and Lugnuts included. Hankook DynaPro AT/M 265/60 R18. I live close to Los Angeles international airport. $550.
  5. Help, Quick Question: torque spec wheel lug nuts

    Thank you for your help, changing wheels and tires on a 2023 ranger, lariat, 4 x 4……. My wild guess is 75 pounds, can you be help me with the correct number please? Thank you.
  6. Kids Today Think They Invented “Overlanding”…. Lol!

    1966 Ford Overlander …………..
  7. Need Experienced Wheel Offset Opinion’s On A Picture Please.

    Thank you for your help……. I am trying to 100% be sure of this call…….. this truck which I think looks great has a lot of pictures on this site. You can find it under “”The Silver Stallion””. This gentleman is saying the wheels that he has are 17x9 with a +1 offset…….. I’m trying to determine if...
  8. Back Space Measurement Help Please On Stock Wheel

    Does anyone know what the back space is on this stock wheel? Thank you.
  9. Quick question about adjusting coil spring tension on the fox 2.5 shocks

    Question : if I would like to adjust the collar on the coil about one or so turns, do I need to compress the coil springs with a coil spring compression tool? Or …… just loosen that one bolt on the collar and put a spanner tool in there and adjust. Thanks!
  10. 2023 Fender Badge Help, Thanks.

    I have a 2023 lariat with chrome fender badges. I know you can purchase them darker, but do you guys know if it’s only comes in black or is it smoked or both? Thank you. P.S. is there a preferred place to purchase them from also, thanks again..
  11. 2.5 Fox Shock Issue…… What’s wrong with this issue? Thanks!

    2023 Ranger 4x4 lariat…… I went to install this today and you could see the different bolt pattern and the aluminum disc on top of the fox is a lot bigger and it wouldn’t fit in the spring bucket. I will call stage 3 (where I purchased them from) tomorrow to see what gives. The numbers on the...
  12. Axle Shaft / Lift Install Advice, Thanks!

    Installing 2 1/2 inch fox longer shocks. Have seen lots of YouTube videos but do not 100% understand this part……. As in the picture with the finger pointing down, trying to push the lower A arm down low enough to remove the shock and of course the new shock is even taller to install and it seems...
  13. Tire Size Question Again, Thanks!

    Basically, what size tire can I fit in there with what offset or back space wheel, 17 inch. 2023 Lariat FX4…. In 1 to 2 weeks I will be installing myself some camburg, upper arms, fox coil overs with reservoirs, which I believe are 2 1/2 to 3 inches. Trying to figure out what size tires could...
  14. Please help ID my headlights, Thanks!

    Just picked up a 2023 ranger. When I ordered it about five months ago, you were not able to order LED lights. I do not believe I received halogen lights but to me, they kinda look like projector, lights, or what say you? Thanks again. Halogen, projector, LED, or…….?Halogen, projector, LED
  15. Upper Control Arms Advice Needed…….

    Hi, I have 2022 FX4 and Fox 2.5’s to install front and rear. Would really like to hear your opinions on which upper control arms are best to buy and if possible why. Thanks again.
  16. Which Dealer To Order From?

    Is there a spreadsheet somewhere on the dealer ships and what discounts they give on ordering a new vehicle? Thanks!
  17. Push Button Start Conversion Help……

    Hi and Thank you for your help….. I have had a few lariats in the past. Now I have a 2022 XLT. I overlooked that the XLT did not have a push button start when I ordered it seven months ago. I am wondering if myself or the dealer can convert it to push button start? I do have remote start on my...
  18. Radio Upgrade Help…..

    Hi and thank you for your help. 2022 XLT FX4. Looking to buy a really good radio with navi in it. Crutchfield has a notice that says all of their radios will disconnect the back up camera. What’s going on? Thanks again.
  19. Aftermarket Intrusion bars….. Which One’s?

    Here are just a few. Sure, some people just remove them, but if the aftermarket one’s are completely out of the way of bigger tires then why not use them to protect our families….
  20. 2022 Has A Different Spindle?

    Hi and thank you for your help. Have had my 2022 XLT FX4 now for one week now. I am trying to understand the lift kit differences for a 2021 and older. Please correct me if I’m wrong.………………………..…… On the 2022 the upper control arm is different and the spindle arm is cast iron where I believe the...