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  1. Ohio Soft roll up cover

    I have a soft roll up cover for sale. Got it in March and installed it. No longer have the Ranger. I am in NE Ohio, willing to meet up if someone is interested or ship it for the shipping cost. I'd sell it for $150.00. These are the best pictures I have of it on the truck.
  2. Ohio Clear side markers - FREE

    I ordered the smoke side markers and they sent me these clear ones. When the sent the replacement to said they didn’t want these sent back. If someone wants to pay shipping they can have them.
  3. Raptor Ranger Grill for sale

    THIS HAS SOLD Selling Raptor Ranger grill. $150.00 includes shipping to continental US. I installed it March 5, 2021. I have have the Shadow Black Ranger with the Black package and the grill doesn’t go with all the shiny black on the truck for my taste. None of the clips are broken...
  4. I'm not complaining.....

    My Ranger is a week old, and the Auto Start/Stop hasn't engaged yet. I don't really want it to, but just curious why it isn't working.