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  1. Well I finally got to see one today!!

    When I read the thread title I thought maybe this was something for the off topic forum and possibly not safe for work. 😜
  2. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    I'm guessing he is glad that you are okay with him making a profit. 😜
  3. What's this bolt from?

    Maybe just something that fell out of someone's pocket while doing the pre-delivery inspection. Somewhere between over inflating the tires and making sure the washer fluid was almost empty.😜
  4. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    Box looks like it was slightly damaged in shipping. So unfortunately the stick is probably ruined. I'll do you a favor and pay for shipping and you can send it to me to take it off your hands. 😄
  5. Reason for lackluster AC

    I think the video he referenced for the work around is the one in this post: More info on changing it manually in this post as well...
  6. What is with the silly Diesel Owners out there?!

    I don't know. I've never seen this kind of pattern where I am and I see plenty of diesel trucks. If you are often finding yourself having issues with other drivers, diesel of not, perhaps the issue is with you and how you are behaving. After all we don't really have the other side of the...
  7. Rhino Liner removal from bed wall threaded holes

    This thread might be of help.
  8. ....So...Whats Up With The Transmission Pan!!??

    Might want to ask forum sponsor Stage 3: Looks like they have aluminum pans:
  9. Pivot box brace and bungee cord question

    If a bungee cord puts too much force on the side of the bed your Ranger has bigger problems than using a bungee cord.
  10. 25k miles and the brakes are having issues

    Brake pad/lining are covered under warranty for the first 12 months or 18,000 miles whichever occurs first. But the OP's Ranger is a 2019 with 25k miles so they would be past that initial coverage. OP also mentioned they have an extended warranty. I'm not sure what type and what that might...
  11. Chime with driver door open but no key.

    I'm sure the OP appreciates him chiming in. :)
  12. 2020 lariat stereo is acting up, anyone experience this?

    Big thread on this located here: Looks like some have had some luck with an update to 23188 from Cyanlabs. But you may want to review the bulk of the thread for more info...
  13. Crooked truck

    This one?
  14. Choose Your Own Adventure Book: Buying a Raptor

    Fair enough. I guess I didn't see a post where your Ranger didn't meet your needs so you needed something more. Don't get me wrong I'm no Ranger fanboy but I'd avoid a lease or current interest rates at all costs. If you really, really want that truck by the end of August then go for it. But...
  15. Choose Your Own Adventure Book: Buying a Raptor

    Not something I would do. I'd put some of that extra money down you were willing to pay for the Raptor compared to what you said you will save on the Chevy to offset the current rates. I'd look at the lender and see if they offer an option to refinance later if you want to go there because yea...
  16. You guys got me on the esp band wagon
  17. Blown transmission 2019…

    Sometimes I feel like half of the forum posts these days are just advertisements for an extended warranty. 😆