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  1. My Blue Sleeper Build

    The easiest way to do it is to get a hair dryer or a heat gun, and just heat it up. Move the heat source slowly back and forth across the decal, about 8 inches or so away for a few minutes. The idea is you are heating up the glue that holds on the sticker. If you are too hot, or too close, or...
  2. Rough Country Dual 6in LED Wiring Help

    Thats disappointing to hear. The bluetooth connection is just too finicky to make it worth it then.
  3. Rough Country Dual 6in LED Wiring Help

    Thats a pretty nice set up, i like it.
  4. Rough Country Dual 6in LED Wiring Help

    Wow, this is a really interesting way to do it as well. Curious to see how it works for you and looking forward to your thoughts.
  5. My Blue Sleeper Build

    The install was extremely straight forward. The instructions supplied are pretty great as well. I changed up the included wiring harness so it tapped into the fog lights for the signal to turn them on. That way the factory fog light switch turns on all the fog lights and the LED lights. This...
  6. Opinions on these door sills

    Im interested in these as well but am curious how they would look on the ranger. Not sure how far up the door sill on the side they go and if i would like that look.
  7. Rough Country Dual 6in LED Wiring Help

    Yup! Works like a charm too. Can turn on all the lights with the stock fog light switch and its wired through the battery so no power concerns at all.
  8. Rough Country Dual 6in LED Wiring Help

    I think so. The kit is relatively cheap and comes with everything you need. I like the "stealth" look of this kit how it sits inside the bumper slots. I just finished the install this morning so I havent seen it at night yet to see how bright they are. I do very mild offroading to get to...
  9. Rough Country Dual 6in LED Wiring Help

    ITS ALIVE! Thank you so much for the help! I always get nervous doing electrical things but this was way easier than i was building it up to be in my mind.
  10. My Blue Sleeper Build

    Installed the rough country 6in LED light bars in the bumper and went ahead and painted the front plastic piece black as well while i had the bumper off. Waiting for the sun to set later to see how much light these bars throw out, but they definitely look really bright.
  11. Board across the back of the bed?

    Heres my sheet good hauling setup. Notched out the boards so that they "lock" into each other. The front "header" board has some clasp latches that latch onto the long board to keep things from sliding fore and aft. The length is a full 8 feet to fully support sheet goods. And 2x8s are...
  12. My Blue Sleeper Build

    Painted the rear ford emblem today
  13. Rough Country Dual 6in LED Wiring Help

    Holy crap, i just sliced the heat shrink off the included relay and everything just made so much more sense. The terminals are labled and the wires clearly visible, should have done this from the start.
  14. Rough Country Dual 6in LED Wiring Help

    OK, ill give it a try with the relay and see what happens. I might make two versions of the adapter since i have two and see which one works.
  15. Rough Country Dual 6in LED Wiring Help

    Follow up question for you. Im finally getting around to actually installing the lights. So the wire coming off the "switch" side of the relay has 3 wires (see picture below) blue, white, and black. The adapter I bought which will connect into a Y adapter for the foglights has 2 wires, black...
  16. My Blue Sleeper Build

    I ordered the grille from Stage3 Motorsports. The 3 light insert was part of the options for the grille kit that you could add on as part of the Stage3 kit. You might be able to purchase them separately if you already have the grille and want to add them on, not entirely sure.
  17. My Blue Sleeper Build

    Decided it was too nice of a day to be cooped up inside so i went ahead and installed this bad boy. Love the way it looks on the blue
  18. My Blue Sleeper Build

    Running boards and tailgate letter inserts installed today. More goodies arrived in the mail so stay tuned for more the next few days.
  19. Blacked out fender vents

    does the xlt portion remove from the portion of the side vent? I want to do the same and im debating either removing the whole side vent or taping it off and spraying it on the truck. I like the gray of the vent and only want to black out the xlt portion
  20. New Product - Morimoto XB LED Replacement Headlights

    Very interesting, nice to have an alternative to the lariat headlights