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  1. NFL, what team are you a fan of?

    My younger brother is one of those misguided guys, he is patriotic to the Patriots, his teenage son raves about the Ravens...perhaps that explains why he drives a Ridgeline...
  2. NFL, what team are you a fan of?

    Most Hawaii residents identify themselves with west-coast teams, I am a dyed in the wool Forty-Niners fan, have been ever since my Dad explained the game to me long ago. Watched a 49's vs LA Rams back in '74 (when the Rams were still in CA), @ Candle Stick park. It was a high point to my first...
  3. Who am I to believe? (Heads up 2019 owners)

    I agree, it resembles Chartreuse more than simply yellow, I'm guessing Ford did not want to confuse it's owners by dyeing it blue (Honda) or Pink/Red (Toyota). I'm just glad it doesn't resemble the color "rust"
  4. Hankook Dynapro ATM discontinued?

    LOL! if you say so Rob...but I used to work on those and have never seen a car plagued with more recalls in my life, with the exception of the Vega... I was considering buying a new '78 Capri II but held out until the "American" Capri was introduced. I found the II's styling masculine (important...
  5. Hankook Dynapro ATM discontinued?

    Absolutely, if I remember correctly the wheel diameter was 390 mm. I never had to replace the tires though, I had bought my first Ford pickup ('81 F150 4x4 Flareside) and sold the Capri.
  6. Hankook Dynapro ATM discontinued?

    I had a set of those on my first new car ever, a '79 Mercury Capri (Fox platform) to replace the original rubber and steel wheels. I bought them for some ridiculously low price from a fellow mechanic when I worked at a Lincoln/Mercury dealership. He also bought a new Capri and wanted larger...
  7. Hankook Dynapro ATM discontinued?

    My 2020 Lariat S/Cab with the FX-2 package has Hankook Dynapro ATM's , 265/60 R18, they are OK, but it's too early to tell, they've only got 280 miles on them. As you can see, I'm old school with the chrome...
  8. Our own P. A. Schilke's Name in Road & Track!

    Thanks for the response Phil, pity that Mr. Jim K. still disdains you, but the fact of the matter is that Mr. Stewart gave praise where it was deserved. Clearly the Rangers were superior in handling based on his observations, the Mustang boys just had to acknowledge it, plain and simple. I...
  9. Our own P. A. Schilke's Name in Road & Track!

    Fascinating read, I've got a question though Phil. How was setting up the front suspension on this era Rangers? They used Ford famous twin-I beam setup, a design that was much stouter than it needed to be, but the camber changes during it's normal operation must have been a killer...
  10. Ranger Keypad

    Could not agree more, it sure looks hokey...something one may find at K-Mart. So glad I was able to cancel it from my order for my 2020 Lariat.
  11. Ranger Keypad

    Excellent investigative work Joe, I'm willing to bet that the next gen Ranger will feature an integrated keypad 'ala F-150 and other features current Ranger owners are pining for. On a side note, I see your occupation is listed as "fireman" , Thank-You for your service Sir. I myself an a retired...
  12. Ranger Keypad

    Well we both agree that it does look like what you need, but I can't tell you for sure, sorry. I also agree with you on the appearance of the keypad meant for the Ranger, I had spec'd it on my factory order for my 2020 Lariat until I found out what it actually is. Luckily I was able to cancel...
  13. Ranger Keypad

    Item #1 looks to be the keypad itself judging by what appears to be an electrical pigtail, have you tried googling the part number? (assuming one is available). I admire your ambition, to fit such a device to your Ranger will take serious thought and handiwork to look like "factory", not to...
  14. What is the best Ranger color?

    My Dad's first new car was a '65 Mustang notch done in "Dark Ivy Green metallic" with black interior trim, some of the neighborhood kids were envious that we owned a Mustang at all!
  15. What is the best Ranger color?

    That's a handsome color and would have been my pick for my 2020 had Ford offered something similar in lieu of a dark metallic blue.
  16. What is the best Ranger color?

    Mauve you say? IMO that color does well on "foo-foo" cars such as the Nash Metropolitan, 1st. gen Honda Prelude, Geo Metro convertible, :shock:
  17. What is the best Ranger color?

    Lol, have a beer bud, at least it's not blue...but then you're in Wisconsin, anything is possible there when it comes to beer! :beer: :crackup: :beer: :crackup:
  18. What is the best Ranger color?

    All my previous Ford trucks have been dark blue metallic (3) with the exception of a white '91 Ranger S/Cab which I bought used. I purposely held out on special ordering a 2019 with hopes that Ford would feature a dark blue for the 2020 models, no such luck. So I went the complete opposite of...