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  1. New Member, 2020 XLT FX4 Supercrew

    Your on your way to empty pockets and that is ok. Just do not forget to save some💲💲💲for the best mod you can make the TAILGATE DAMPER. Yes I am shouting it out for all you damper lovers :inlove:.
  2. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Well wanted to wash her today but it rained off and on. Copper looks terrible after my move from Florida to Virginia she was packed full, at least no love bugs here. Going to be harder to keep her clean here in Virginia but oh well at least here my 5yo granddaughter can help me, should be fun.
  3. Other trucks parking next to your Ranger

    It is a size does matter thing to some, which I never believed from personal experience:eek::shock:. Oh my!!!
  4. What is something you love, and something you dislike about the Ranger?

    Love everything, dislike nothing. Happy Happy Happy:handsinair:
  5. RSI SmartCap - New Product!

    Interesting, would like to see how the puzzle goes together.
  6. Cleanliness is Rangerness

    I use free good old american air driving 60-70mph for a couple miles right after wash, then the microfiber comes out. Easy peezy.
  7. Strange siting near Flagstaff

    And probably has dual tailgate dampers as standard equipment:crazy:
  8. 2021 Ranger TREMOR Off-Road Package Revealed

    This, hopefully, is a slow build up to what we all want---a RAPTOR🦖. Let's go Ford make it happen in 2022-2023 or sooner.
  9. Ford Family

    Happy wife, happy life. Nice mustang awesome color and I see it appears to be pp1 :thumbsup:
  10. 2019 Ranger prone to fuel making its.way into oil?

    Well Marathonrunner ran🏃‍♂️ past the best midsize truck, Ranger dealership and ran🏃‍♂️ into not so best Toyota dealership---looks like Marathonrunner lost the race, in fact came in last :eek:
  11. Velossa Tech Design Big Mouth for 2019+ Ranger

    Thanks for being the test mule for this intake, we all look forward to seeing it and more real world numbers from you. Also great you are supporting a small local business, especially in these hard times:like:
  12. Center console knee pad?

    Thank You
  13. Center console knee pad?

    Got a link please, might help out another member.
  14. Owners Manual Engine Idle Shutdown Callout Missing

    Got mine today in mail, I can sleep better now knowing my truck can take care of itself.:yawn:
  15. Pet Peeves

    My pet peeve is all these pet peeves mentioned here:headbang::facepalm::eek:
  16. Bye bye F150 hello Ranger

    Welcome, ONE of the BEST co!ors, now that 's not bias lol. Accessories will put you in the poor house, or out of the house if your wife finds out how much you spend on your baby:like:
  17. gone for a while

    Sorry for your loss
  18. Ramp recommendation for Ranger?

    Well there you go, if you had the damper it would eliminate the wheelie effect:LOL::crackup::crackup::crackup::crackup: