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  1. Colorado wtb: XL 16" steel wheels

    That does look good. I've been thinking of going the steel wheel route. I already have one aluminum wheel dinged up from being dropped on the face by a local tire shop plus I would worry less about wheel damage while off-road here in NV.
  2. 5 TPMS Sensors, My Experience

    Well, that answers my questions. Won't have to start a new thread now. Thanks!
  3. Nevada WTB 17" Magnatec wheel

    Well, a local tire dealer screwed up one of my wheels while fixing a flat. I'm in need of one, maybe two Magnatec wheels. Like this. Thanks!
  4. Ohio 17" Magnetics OEM

    If you decide to sell these individually I would be interested in one.
  5. Ford Leveling Kit

    I bought mine from Levittown Ford. Best price I could find. Installed the rear shocks myself. I had the local Ford Service Dept install the front struts. They charged me 3 hours labor. I used the Rewards Points I got from purchase of my Ranger toward the install so my out of pocket cost...
  6. Selling Stock Lariat Fx4 Wheels/Tires/Suspension - 100 Miles New (Dallas)

    I've bought and sold tires for a few Wranglers and other vehicles. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace have worked. ETA: Prices can be all over the place. Depends on location, if anyone within driving distance wants them, if you're willing to ship and so on.
  7. What did you do to your Ranger today? They have threads in the Vendor Marketplace section of the forum. If you message them Benny will send you a discount code for shipping.
  8. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    That was to cover labor. I paid $1243.38 for the leveling kit with the intention of doing it myself. I decided to check with the local dealer for installation cost because I'm old enough now that crawling around a vehicle does not have the same appeal it used to when I was younger and it would...
  9. Small RV Recommendation

    I haul this little Jayco behind my Ranger and it does great. I do keep my speed down when towing, 60-65 mph. The Jayco weighs around 2,800 loaded with water.
  10. Ford Pass Recall message

    Yep. Same here. My message went away last week.
  11. CV shaft dislocated when installing leveling kit

    Thanks but I ended up having the local dealer do the front struts. They quoted me 3 hours labor ($420) for the job. I used all the Rewards points I got from purchase of the Ranger so it only cost me $168. For me well worth it as it maintains the warranty and if there are any problems it will...
  12. Strange sounds coming from the engine, is this the normal sound of the ecoboost at idlie?

    Old thread but I was getting ready to do the same thing. I had the hood open tonight to adjust the headlights after a lift. It was a true "what the heck is that racket" moment. Very glad to hear it is normal for this engine. I may have to look into that Lariat engine cover.
  13. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Actually it was yesterday. I had the local dealer install the Ford/Fox Performance front struts. Using my rewards points it only cost me $168. Figured that was well worth it as it maintains the warranty and if I have any issues it's on them. Oddly enough they were not able to do the...
  14. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Yea, this morning before the sun came up I put my Ranger in front of the garage and marked the top/center of the beams with tape on the garage door. Figured I would park it in the same spot when I get it back and adjust as necessary.
  15. what do you do with your old tires when you upgrade?

    I've had decent luck selling take-off tires on Craigslist and the FB Marketplace. I think I got $150 for the 245/75-17 tires I took off my 2019 Wrangler. They had about 6,000 miles on them. Take decent pictures. If you just want to get rid of them list them for free. Someone will take em.
  16. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Just dropped it off at the local dealer to get the Ford Performance/Fox leveling kit front struts installed and an alignment. Figured I had a bunch of Rewards Points and I might as well use them.
  17. Floor Liners Review

    Here is the link for front and rear for $97.37. Figures! I just paid $147 a week ago.
  18. Quality Seat Covers?

    Those look great. Thanks for the link too.
  19. Floor Liners Review

    I ordered mine from Amazon and had them in 2 days.
  20. Fuel in oil

    After reading this entire thread I'll admit I was a little paranoid about fuel in the oil. It seems I may have dodged this bullet. One thousand miles on this oil change. I've been paying close attention to the oil level. It has not changed that I can see and the oil smells like... well...