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  1. Smoked Tail lights?

    Too expensive, only 1 - 1 star rating, dangerous to blackout tail lights especially if you want to be seen, if you want it that bad, use vinyl tint like VVivid: Good stuff..
  2. Thoughts on this hood scoop?

    ummm, nah. Like mine and even that has some flaws...
  3. Bye Bye Wiper De-Icer

    What are they smoking? I have the 501 and the ap has no separate option for de-icing. If they were to eliminate anything, get rid of that crap laminated glass they use. Nothing like mirages when the road isn’t hot. 🙃
  4. SHADOW BLACK Ranger Club Thread

    Finally got a chance to get some updated shots. Be taking it to the Smokies this month. Better shots to come.
  5. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Ohhhh, you don't want to do that. Major surgery. Plus recommend Retrax replacement slotted rails. Essentially have to notch out a good amount of rails for the brackets and add extra clamps to cover. It's not for the faint of heart and many curse words flew through the air in the last few days...
  6. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Added Putco Rack and adapted it to keep my retractible cover. Just got to find more lights and goodies to add.
  7. My Dash Cam Installation

    Why not wiretap the mirror power.? 6” or so wire tap available on Amazon... . No running long wires, cutting into them or otherwise. 2 pin taps go into back of molex connector.
  8. Funny Smell
  9. Track Rail T-Bolts

    Yea, but its not like companies tell you exact size. May end up just grinding some down.
  10. Track Rail T-Bolts

    You see ads on the net and everyone says, ‘standard T-Slot’ but there are several sizes.
  11. Track Rail T-Bolts

    Anyone know what size, type bolt, nut these t-slots use? All kinds out there, but they seem to come in different sizes. Example, slot on the Retrax XR with the slot rail. Even Retrax has no idea. Called them and they are clueless. Thanks... 🙂
  12. Project Msfitoy V3.0

    Thought it was already tinted?
  13. Project Msfitoy V3.0

    Yep, but the ones I showed you are actually part of the retractable cover. So no extra parts. Check that link I sent you. I'm working on something with Putco...
  14. Project Msfitoy V3.0

    I agree. I asked because was wondering in case the bar had to be fixed only in one position and the posts had to be a specific spot on the bar. Not knowing exactly the width on the tracks I showed you for different brands. Some companies don't specify which trucks like one says mid-size pickups...
  15. Project Msfitoy V3.0

    Sid, those racks adjustable side to side?
  16. Yakima rack

    I know. (But that cover was out by Retrax...) just like you mentioned, them acquiring parts. But sometimes is it the chicken or egg first. But what I did find out, there are a few companies using the same covers, tracks and containers. When I get caught up, there will be some experimenting. Ford...
  17. Yakima rack

    So in other words, Ford stole a product out by others already and slapped their name and model number on it and charging a lot more. Do they at least give you the cross bars? If so, might not be that bad.