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  1. Joining the Club - Show Me Your Lights

    The lariat has projector headlights which gives you a perfect cut off line, you would only need to re aim them if you level, lift the truck or add bigger tires. The stock Lariat head lights and fog lights are already led bulbs and I think they are 3000k.
  2. Do the TPMS Sensors need to be re-trained during tire rotation?

    I put 4 OEM sensors on aftermarket wheels with new tires and never had to train anything. TPMS were picked up automatically.
  3. help me out: KO2 vs duratrac vs ?? in 255/75/17

    Yes they arent LT rated. They are rated at 2721 lbs per tire and have a speed rating of 112 MPH. Not sure how critical you think LT rating is on a 4500-5000 lb truck. I off road my truck on some rocky muddy trails and have noticed a substantial improvement with the Pizza Cutter Duratracs. Watch...
  4. Post your off-road pics.

  5. help me out: KO2 vs duratrac vs ?? in 255/75/17

    I went 255/75/17 (32x10) Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs and love them. I was impressed how quiet they are on the road and have been amazing off road on wet rocks and in the mud. With stock tires I was using my Locker quite a bit as the stock Hankooks would pack up with mud. With the Duratracs I...
  6. Floor Liners Review

    Husky give you great coverage. A lot of the liners don't cover the dead pedal or go up behind the pedal assemblies far enough to keep the carpet clean.
  7. 2021 Ranger TREMOR Off-Road Package Revealed

    Here is the Ford release and it dosent have the graphics.
  8. Post your off-road pics.

  9. Topper Shell

    At least you know its solid I guess lol Life is always better in the truck, thats how it works on our household too.
  10. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    My rims finally came in. Got them mounted up last night and isntalled my stubby antenna🤟
  11. Topper Shell

    I ordered a Bestop Super Top 2 for my truck. Just waiting on it to be made, seems like a solid option
  12. KMC 545 Trek Setup

    I was quite nervous lol. Hard to order parts unseen and hope they work. The offset is perfect, no rub and lots of room. Little bit of poke looks sharp too
  13. KMC 545 Trek Setup

    KMC 545 Trek Satin Black with Grey Tint 17x8 20mm Offset 255/75/17 (32x10) Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac
  14. Aftermarket magnetic Grey wheels

    Find wheels you like and powder coat them.
  15. Mustang GT to Ranger Lariat

    I went 501A, extremely happy with it. Love this truck.
  16. 2019-2020 Ranger Fox 2.5 Coilover and 2.5 Rear Shock Install Video!

    What offset did you end up using here?
  17. Raptor Wheels on Magnetic Ranger

    265 is 265.. The sidewall height will be different but both tires will be 10.4 inches wide.
  18. DIY: Adding the 12V Power Outlet Option in the Bed

    I looked at that setup and thats what gave me the idea. I have a drop in bedliner so I dont think it would look as clean. Also like the plug closer to the back of the truck for ease of use.
  19. DIY: Adding the 12V Power Outlet Option in the Bed

    So the factory harness came quicker then I was told. Got it all setup with a SAE plug mounted in the bedliner. No holes required in the box.
  20. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Added a SAE 12 volt plug and bed lights to the bed of my truck. Lots of options for plug in adapters. USB, 12V Socket, etc...