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  1. Interior Rattle Identified

    Does anyone have the rattle/buzz from the defroster vent plastic piece?
  2. Leather interior parts coming apart in xlt

    For anyone curious, it is really straight forward. I took some photos.
  3. Leather interior parts coming apart in xlt

    I ended up ordering the ebony/ash, and it's the stitched verison (for the same price as the XL/T one...) For anyone curious.
  4. Leather interior parts coming apart in xlt

    Do you know which part number is for the Lariat stiching version? I want to upgrade my XLT, since it too is peeling. I assume it's the ebony/ash version?
  5. 2021 Ranger TREMOR Off-Road Package Revealed

    I too really hope that aux switch mount becomes a dealer item...
  6. Additional Gauges

    I use ultraguage I use this guy on all my vehicles that I don't feel like adding mechanical gauges to. Highly recommend. The Android / Bluetooth ones are okay. (Like torque) but I hate having to dedicate a device for that, and sometimes it won't pair...
  7. Reduced Power / Powertrain malfunction warning while towing (running a tune)

    With the tune you're running higher boost for longer durations. This caused my factory BOV to develop a very small tear in the gasket/grommet thingy. A turbosmart one solved this issue. I have the same exactly problem (+ a hot pipe coming off) in my Focus.
  8. Which 1" Wheel Spacer Do You Recommend? I've been running these for 20k miles, and I drive my truck hard. I wouldn't worry about the added stress on the bearings if you top out at 1.5". I also have...
  9. Where to run power and speaker connections for Kicker Hideaway speaker

    How are you guys getting around the artificial engine noise?? I wanted to get the LC2 module, but I'm worried my sub is going to have engine noise through it.
  10. Droning noise when letting off gas at highway speeds

    This is still pretty persistent for me. Engine cover didn't change anything. 100% coming from the rear. I had the car on ramps, and I can hear it clear as day in the garage. Accelerate over 60 (the car does NOT like that on ramps), let off throttle, and the noise happens. It almost sounds like...
  11. Upgraded Turbo Results! *Still in progress*

    Any update on this? How is the larger turbo holding up? Stock heat range plugs?
  12. Michigan WTS: FX4 Suspension

    $75 Detroit Area/Michigan. You cover shipping if you want too. 15k miles, they have seen two northern michigan winters (the surface rust). But still have the OEM tags on it/good shape.
  13. Droning noise when letting off gas at highway speeds

    It's the same pitch at the same duration, for me anyways. Like three short, quick pulses
  14. Droning noise when letting off gas at highway speeds

    When going 70+ mph, shift into neutral. The noise doesn't happen. But I assume this is the equivalent of letting off the throttle. (In terms of the rear end). I honestly think it's the exhaust. I installed the Gibson system, and I don't hear it at all anymore. But the exhaust is a few decibels...
  15. Engine "buzz" at low speeds/rpm

    I actually just installed the Lariat foam engine cover, and it's much less noisy now. I'm honestly thinking this is just normal, I'm not sure if the HPFP is just "breaking in" or what. I drove a 1.6 EB in an escape as a rental, and it had the exact identical buzzing noise. At this point, I...
  16. Droning noise when letting off gas at highway speeds

    Any update on this? I have this same issue. Shutter noise from the rear when deaccelerating when above 55mph. It's really really hard to pinpoint. Doesn't sound like a pinion bearing or a wheel hub, but close. It also only last for a brief moment
  17. Ranger performs well in IIHS crash tests

    I find it intresting the battery remains intact, the sync screen still happily displays after the front end is basically gone lol.
  18. Voltage 12.1 this morning...

    With the engine off, right? I wouldn't fret over 2-3 tenths of a volt. And i've had different reading with my fluke vs a crappy walmart meter. I also notice a voltage drop when the doors are open, as the car seems to power up a decent amount of accessories.