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  1. Proclip Phone Mount for the Ranger is Now Available!

    I have the Course Motorsports mount but put it on the right side of the screen. With the phone on there it's not blocking anything. I really like this mount.
  2. Pedders Big Brake Kit Installed

    Awesome, are these finally shipping? Their website still only has their SEMA announcement from Nov '19. I'm eyeing the brake kit for next year when I get around to my suspension. I'm running the Wilwood T6R big brake kit with 16" rotors on my Foose F150 - insanely expensive but MASSIVE...
  3. Cheap DIY Bed Lighting

    I've been researching those inexpensive LED kits after passing on the ridiculously overpriced rope lighting upcharge on the A.R.E. canopy I have on order. I actually just stumbled across your video on YouTube and noticed it was a Ranger. :thumbsup:Excellent video and level of detail. You...
  4. Velossa Tech Design Big Mouth for 2019+ Ranger

    Correct, the red aFe scoop I posted a picture of is a direct replacement for the oem tube you posted a picture of. it will work on the stock and aFe Quantum airboxes. Should also work with the Roush but don't quote me on that. It will not work on the Mishimoto airbox. I noticed aFe makes no...
  5. ARE Cx Classic

    Looks good. Hopefully the CX Revo I have on order will be done in a few weeks.
  6. Velossa Tech Design Big Mouth for 2019+ Ranger

    I just ordered mine (black w/red flare). Hopefully I guessed correctly that red is a closer match to HPR than molten orange. I also pre-ordered the red aFe airbox scoop. I also have the 4 led light bar on my Lariat grill. I'm prepared to trim the bracket to fit around the Big Mouth if necessary
  7. Velossa Tech Design Big Mouth for 2019+ Ranger

    I have the aFe Quantum 5R airbox but haven't pulled the trigger on the new scoop (yet). I was hoping Velocitech big mouth would cover both. I think some of their other big mouth kits include piping to the airbox. At least the install for the Ranger is easy. Some some of their other...
  8. Velossa Tech Design Big Mouth for 2019+ Ranger

    So is the Big Mouth just the scoop under the cowl behind the grill or does it also include a bigger airbox scoop like the one aFe just released? I was hoping it included both.
  9. 2021 Ford Ranger Order Guide (Includes Tremor Package)

    Ford is doing quite a change up with the colors. I was hoping to see what the Tremor wheels will look like.
  10. A.R.E CX Revo - 2 month review

    I just ordered an A.R.E. CX Revo today with tilt down front slider and driver's side slider, retractable screen, and pet screen. I wanted the e-lock but the dealer was price gouging on that option and the LED light ropes. My original plan was a Diamondback HD tonneau, rack, and RTT but that...
  11. Cold Air Intake Comparisons?

    Are you allowed to show us a photo of the Velossatech ram air? I'd be interested in some type of ram air setup. I'm mostly curious if it will be similar to their other ones or more stealthy for the Ranger.
  12. Nguage Tuner Mounting

    I just use the suction cup mount on the lower left windshield. Currently I have it setup using the 2 gauge screen with the large area for boost and engine load on the bottom with the LEDs for AFR.
  13. Oil Catch Can. Yes or No?

    Thanks, I know what you're referring to but the one I have doesn't have that 2nd plug. I think UPR would probably sell me the part or I could also drill and tap it. Maybe this one was a prototype or something. I'm impressed that UPR gives customers an upgrade path.
  14. Rocker Wrap (Caution: Picture Overload)

    Looks great but that install looks way more involved than I would have imagined. I'm speechless
  15. Oil Catch Can. Yes or No?

    I installed the UPR catch can (original version) today. I got a great deal on it on eBay. I believe the seller gave up on removing the OEM pcv line or something. This one isn't tapped for the 2nd port so the upgrade kit isn't an option for me. The install went better than expected and I...
  16. 5-Star vs Livernois Motorsports vs Unleashed Tuning

    I just installed the 93 Performance tune by 5Star using the NGauge. 5Star has been very responsive. There's definitely a performance increase. Hands down a tune is the biggest bang for the buck. With this virus stuff impacting the NW, I haven't been able to go for a proper run to see it's...
  17. Let's see your garage audio

    I use a Kicker IK501 boombox. Got it super cheap because it is designed to be used with an ipod. I just use an ipod to bluetooth converter module with it. It's surprisingly clean and loud with decent bass response.
  18. B&o upgrade system with problems

    Thanks for the heads up regarding the output voltage of the Zen. I was considering picking up a used JBL MS8 (running one in my F150) but that may have the same issues as the Audison. I never would have guessed that they would wire the front tweeters like that. I agree, Ford does not play...
  19. Wheel Spacers on Stock Rims

    I've seen those. Right now I'm going back and forth on what size. I may split the difference and get 30mm. I like the factory sport wheels and may end up getting 285/70/17s at some point in the future. This size tire with 1.5" spacers on the Stage 3 ranger pushed it out just a tad more...
  20. Wheel Spacers on Stock Rims

    Are either the ActionFab or Bora spacers hubcentric to the factory wheels? I'm going to try and hold off on any wheel/tire/lift mods for a while but really like how the spacers improve the track width and appearance.