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  1. Just joined in.

    Welcome and be sure to post a truck pic in the Lightning Blue Ranger Club thread.
  2. 2020 XL Ranger no central locking

    To answer the OP's question I think you may well have to pay the dealership to program the truck/fob to allow remote unlocking with the fob if this was not part of the XL pkg. There may be a Forscan solution but that will cost as well.
  3. Back to Ranger forum, with a 2020 Roush Ranger.

    What? No picture of the Roush key fob? :cool:
  4. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Thanks, unfortunately both were sold long ago. I'm currently having fun riding the R3 in my profile pic.
  5. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Riding my 1985 FZ750 home circa late 1980's and my 1975 RD-250.
  6. Who wants a Cobra Jet?

    Only if it gives off that burnt ozone smell.
  7. Anyone want a $200k Bronco?

    Proves the adage that there really is no accounting for taste.:puke:
  8. Brake lights

    Of course they do. That's why the Ford brake controller connects to the high center brake light to initiate the trailer brakes signal.
  9. Trailer Tow Package Does Contain 4 Wires for Aftermarket Brake Controller Install

    Actually Ford did tell us. This is a screen shot from the Quick Start guide provided when I received my truck in 2019. See the notes in the square boxes.
  10. Suggestions for bin/box/basket in bed for shopping

    Somebodies done some drafting. What program is that? It kind of looks like CATIA but there's no way an individual would have that.
  11. Trailer Tow Package Does Contain 4 Wires for Aftermarket Brake Controller Install

    To summarize; trucks with the factory tow package have the 4 loose wires under the dash. These are to be used with an aftermarket controller. The Ford controller utilizes the 3rd brake light and that wire needs to be routed from said brake light in lieu of using the blue wire under the dash, the...
  12. Ranger Based Tribute to First Gen. Lightning

    A pocket protector and a racing helmet in hand seems to sum up your career Phil!
  13. 2021 Ford Ranger Order Guide (Includes Tremor Package)

    So what's new/changed with the 2.3 Ecoboost with ASS tech and an E 10 speed transmission?
  14. Supercab Rear Seat Headrest

    I removed mine as it's unlikely anyone will sit back there. My '88 Ranger regular cab long bed had bucket seats and I could lean my head back and rest it on the rear window. During a long drive, when I was feeling sleepy, I'd do that for just a bit and the road vibration would knock me awake...
  15. Jeez, how can this be?

    So I'm sure you are very anal about removing the stones that get in the tread of your off road tires.
  16. Premium fuel?

    I am ending my one off test and returning to using 89 octane mid-grade. There was no improvement in mileage, stayed the same at 25.7 mpg. If there was any performance improvement at all it may have been at 90% plus throttle position, which makes sense. Since I am not towing and have little need...
  17. Jeez, how can this be?

    I'm sure the debris will eventually work it self out as the bed flexes. Any pickup I am aware of has gaps for flex and water drainage. It's refreshing to see the OP is using it as a truck to haul stuff.
  18. Tail gate lock

    You mean the tailgate damper doesn't help with this? You guys got ripped off.
  19. Limited Slip Differential?

    A quick True Trac story. I was driving the F-450 unladen from Texas to New Jersey to visit my folks for Christmas. As I was driving through the Smokey Mts on an uphill curve I am really having to crank on the wheel with substantial effort to make the curve wondering if I had a problem. The...
  20. Limited Slip Differential?

    I can't answer on whether or not this will fit on a Ranger but a True Trac is a great choice. I had one installed by 4 Wheel Warehouse on my then new '99 F-450. They are a bit rough, some pops and clicks as the axles synch themselves especially around tight corners on pavement. This unit works...