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  1. How about some Jokes

    Taking 'Bachelor Heat' to the next level. 🤣
  2. 27k miles CEL for O2 sensor.

    Should be under the federal emissions warranty which is 8ys/80,000. Was just looking at it. A lot of stuff covered under that warranty, supposedly even the turbo it says. Sounds like you got one comin though, $20 isn't bad. Sensor 1 which is a wideband on these is about $100. Surprised the...
  3. Leather interior parts coming apart in xlt

    I dont know, hope fully someone else can chime in. I thought there was only 2 different colors: ebony and stone. Not too sure what the ebony/ash is
  4. Does This Warrant Buyback (Replacement)

    Fuel dilution doesn't come from blowby directly, it would be coming from the injectors in that scenario. :) Either way, you would have to have serious blow by to cause the fuel dilution you are seeing. And blow by that bad would be very noticeable and the engine would run like complete...
  5. Charging System Warning Light

    @Manny R Typically, If there is a light there is a code because the code causes the light. No code = No light. But No light does NOT equal no code. Whether or not the code was stored is a different story, so what I said is kind of irrelevant. Either way code would have probably said something...
  6. Offroad Race Video

    Ranger won. As always :sunglasses:
  7. Crappy dealership

    Only thing I bring mine vehicles in for is tires. And I guess warranty because free parts. Wish they could just give me the new part and I return the warrantied one but can't have everything I guess. Had my hellcat supercharger warrantied (about $7k) because of loud bearing noise which is...
  8. New owner 2020 xlt sport 4x4 observations

    Coincidental. All the same drivetrain part numbers, wheelbase etc. Only differences in any new ranger drivetrain is 2wd or 4wd.
  9. Does This Warrant Buyback (Replacement)

    I was reading this in another post of yours. Something doesn't seem right or add up. Either you got bad replacement injectors and HPFP or they didn't actually replace them or maybe they are damaging during install somehow. Those are the only 2 places fuel can come from to get into the oil. All...
  10. Funny Smell

    How many miles currently? If you're only at a couple hundred yet, it might be the "new equipment smell" still burning off.
  11. Money Pit??

    It is noticeably quieter, its hard to quantify though. Biggest things I notice is how much more solid the doors feel, the better music sound quality is, and that my music is a lot quieter when standing outside of the truck. I can really crank the tunes and you can barely hear it over the...
  12. Wheels + Offset + Tire Size Thread Pictures

    I see. Every single one of those is incorrect in that link, as far as "offset" and "backspacing" is concerned. I wonder where they are getting there numbers from?
  13. Wheels + Offset + Tire Size Thread Pictures

    5" backspacing on a 9" wide wheel = +12.7mm offset ??????
  14. CV shaft dislocated when installing leveling kit

    Be easy with it. Should slide together as easy as it came apart. :thumbsup:
  15. "Convenience" Lights for Backseat?

    I swear I could click the center dome on and off by pushing on it. IIRC Edit: Or is that what you don't want? You wish there was rear map lights essentially?
  16. CV shaft dislocated when installing leveling kit

    See this link for a picture: Apparently those bearings can fall off into the boot when over extended. That is the inner side BTW. Edit: If there is no clip that broke or fell off, then you...
  17. Thought Experiment: Bolt-On Electric Turbo

    A leaf blower would be more cost effective.
  18. thump when coming to a complete stop?

    I plan to do this too, eventually. Been lazy lately. Im 100% sure that is what causes a little thud when I release my brake pedal and start going. Pretty common on the f150s
  19. Money Pit??

    Noico 80mil from amazon. Used before with good results, and its cheap. Then put 3m SM400L over top. Used 3m90 adhesive to attach it. Did all 4 doors, rear cab, and above headliner. I did about 50% panel coverage with the noico, then tried to cover as much as I could with the sm400l. Took about...
  20. Thought Experiment: Bolt-On Electric Turbo

    1 hp still classifies as "Real Power Gains"