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  1. Discolored door handles

    Well? What did your friend say? Curious how this was resolved by a dealership.
  2. Discolored door handles

    From what im seeing, and with the handle being an un-coated piece (they didn't spray the texture onto the handle, the texture was part of the mold), the course of action I would take is as follows: Perform a thorough wipe-down with an 80% IPA mixture (80% isopropyl alcohol, 20% distilled...
  3. Cleanliness is Rangerness

    Their "Iron-X" type product is quite good, and beats other brands prices by about 50%. My favorite of their products that i've tried has been the tire dressing gel. However, their chrome polish was way too mild for what I needed to do on the '51. Since I buy, try and get offered so many...
  4. Cleanliness is Rangerness

    I have a few thousand dollars worth of detailing chemicals, hardware and equipment. Sooooo, pretty much anything I deem to be professional grade (or near it if i'm just doing a quick paint correction on a daily driver) that delivers outstanding results for it's price point is what i'll use...
  5. 2021 Ford Ranger Order Guide (Includes Tremor Package)

    I'm very interested to see what the Ranger looks like in Cactus Gray. It's a very unusual color that is very lighting dependent. Race Red looks great on Rangers, but makes the F-150 look like a fire truck (IMHO), Cactus might go either way on a Ranger as well! Photo of "Cactus Gray" on a...
  6. What is the best Ranger color?

    We were in exactly the same boat with the 6' bed being the minimum requirement. Would also have gone crew cab with a 6' bed.... However, then it wouldn't fit in the garage and another spot would have opened up for my classic cars! Ohhhhhh the buying opportunities!
  7. Alternative to plastic clips that guard the oil filter in the wheel well?

    Happen to have been over at the folks house last weekend and found a handful of the clips from my old Mitsubishi Evolution, they work perfectly on the Ranger. I'll try to locate the part number and update this thread when I do.
  8. Front wheel well liner

    Weathertech makes the "no drill" mud flaps which we installed. Took the two of us about 2 hours in total to install, and they really do give you everything you need! Plus no drilling.
  9. Alternative to plastic clips that guard the oil filter in the wheel well?

    Hmmmm, less excited. As somebody who tinkers on cars dating as far back as the 1940's, I know that plated steel is not a long term solution. Yes, just replace them every so often! But that doesn't seem to happen, realistically. But i'm always up on the tetanus!
  10. What is the best Ranger color?

    Beautiful rig, and one of the very, very, very few Lightning Blue SCAB's out there (we might be another, but no color trim package like you (sport/black/chrome)). And also we need to update this thread with Velocity Blue as Lightning is no longer a Ranger color starting 2021...
  11. Alternative to plastic clips that guard the oil filter in the wheel well?

    Are those metal clips/pins aluminum? If not, i'd be worried about rusting out when used under a car. If aluminum, woooooooooooooo, FANCY!!!! I like it!
  12. What is the best Ranger color?

    When can we vote for Cactus Gray?????
  13. Alternative to plastic clips that guard the oil filter in the wheel well?

    What you're after is a push clip that uses a simple flathead screwdriver to pull off instead of a "screw" type (that always suck). When I had the 2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX, the front underbody tray was held on with 36 screw clips...... THIRTY SIX! Want to change the oil? Unscrew 36 plastic screw...
  14. 2021 Ranger Adds 4 New Colors: Cactus Gray, Carbonized Gray, Cyber Orange, Velocity Blue

    Found examples of Ford Performance Blue (left paint chip), Velocity Blue (right paint chip) and Lightning Blue (The Mustang) The darker mustang is Lightning blue, the lighter one is Velocity Blue.
  15. 2021 Ranger Adds 4 New Colors: Cactus Gray, Carbonized Gray, Cyber Orange, Velocity Blue

    Since i'm in the reserve line for a Bronco, thought i'd share that the pic you chose for Cactus Gray is one aspect of it, the color shifts quite a bit with the light.
  16. Help deciding on a rolling Tonneau

    LMK if you want some close up pics anywhere. Frankly, I don't think I could "advise" on how to make it waterproof as we only installed it once (technically twice when the rails weren't aligned and the cover fell into the bed part way down the tracks) and never had any problems. If memory...
  17. Help deciding on a rolling Tonneau

    Interesting, we've had zero issues with water leaks using our RetraxPro for over a year now and in the greater Seattle area. Must have been beginners luck as we've never installed a cover before.
  18. Spot cleaning ceiling of 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat

    A steam cleaner using nothing but distilled water should be able to clean out any light scuffing/soiling on a headliner.
  19. Vibration/Shaking issue getting worse. 9k miles.

    Get a service tech to ride along with you while you drive. You replicate the problem on the road while they observe. Get verbal confirmation on that drive that they are feeling the issue. Then they write up those facts and get a copy of that printed out for documentation purposes. If you can...
  20. Help deciding on a rolling Tonneau

    Anecdotal evidence and selectively omitting facts has quickly led the aftermarket parts industry to make some bold claims and at times produce poor products. But hey, this is America and opinions are like elbows, most people have two! Engineers usually only have one, however. The opinion...