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  1. Ranger raptor wheels question

    The Ford Performance Raptor wheels are actually 8 1/2" wide with the same +55 offset as the standard wheels. This makes the inside edge of these wheels 1/4" closer to the spindle. These wheels are close enough to the spindle that they recommend stick-on weights on the inside edge vs the normal...
  2. LEER HF350M - My Tonneau Journey

    I have this tonneau, but have not installed it yet. My thought is to buy some closed cell foam, 1" x 3" and slide it in between the rubber flap and the cab to secure the flap as well as filling the gap to keep debris out.
  3. LEER HF350M - My Tonneau Journey

    If you go to SN13's original posting of his install, toward the end of the installation photos you will see how the rubber strip is supposed to overhang the foam filler strip.
  4. TSB 20-2277 2019-2020 Ranger - Shudder/Vibration When Accelerating From A Stop

    I have looked through this procedure and am not clear regarding the fluid level indicator. Could it be that the indicator portion is inverted and positioned inside the plug portion?
  5. TSB 20-2277 2019-2020 Ranger - Shudder/Vibration When Accelerating From A Stop

    The stuttering issue that has been plaguing the Colorado ever since its last re-design is with their 8 Speed transmissions. GM has been applying bandaid fixes for 5-6 years with fluid type, torque converters and different methods and equipment to flush the fluid. This, and their use of their...
  6. Fumoto Valve Fail

    For what its worth, I would never install anything that constricts the oil draining flow. The purpose for draining the oil when at operating temperature is to have the contaminants suspended in the oil. The drain port is sized to have a good flow to remove the suspended particulate matter...
  7. TSB 20-2277 2019-2020 Ranger - Shudder/Vibration When Accelerating From A Stop

    They only installed one shim - on the left side??
  8. Floor Liners Review

    "Anyone not have the two floor buttons on the front passenger side rug?" These are another of the deletions from 2019 to 2020.
  9. Floor Liners Review

    “I have front and rear Husky X-Act Contour liners. I prefer the thicker softer rubber compared to the hard thin plastic WeatherTech's I've had.” I agree 100%. I have had, and liked Weathertech Liners, but they also tend to be a bit slippery. “Have you guys heard of the 3D maxpider mats I have...
  10. 2021 Ford Ranger Order Guide (Includes Tremor Package)

    *Ford is doing quite a change up with the colors. I was hoping to see what the Tremor wheels will look like.* It looks to me that the Tremor as well as the 3 Ford Performance Off-Road Packages we be getting the Ford Performance Raptor wheels.
  11. How to prevent pictures from posting full size?

    For what its worth, whenever I need to post photos in a forum, I always resize them to 25% with Microsoft Paint before posting them.
  12. Soft Brakes Anyone?

    Regarding the long pedal travel and using numerous strokes of the e-brake handle to tighten up the travel distance, I just looked over the service manual regarding the rear calipers. The rear caliper pistons are threaded into the caliper bodies and must be re-threaded in when replacing the...
  13. Rust proofing for rough winters

    The Krown Rust Preventative Company is based in Canada. Their website can direct you to the most convenient franchised dealer. I had my Ranger treated when it arrived in April, but I plan to have it re-treated in October and again annually each October for a fresh pre-winter preparation.
  14. Soft Brakes Anyone?

    I had the same long travel of the brake pedal and reading about this technique was very interesting. I had noticed that when engaging the e-brake, there was a different travel when pulling the handle with and without having the brakes applied. I performed this procedure, and it took quite a few...
  15. Any Advise on Winter Tires

    I personally will be putting Hankook i-Pike RW-11 tires onto my 17” Sport Wheels. These have the option to be studded if needed. The Yokohama Geolander A/T G015 tires that I just put on will be moved to the set of Ranger Raptor wheels that I just bought. I would suggest investing in a set of...
  16. Hankook Dynapro ATM discontinued?

    Regarding Hankook Dynapro AT-M, I am not sure which size you are looking for, but I just checked on Tirerack’s site, and they have a number of sizes available.
  17. Frame weld rust

    They use a high pressure/high temperature oil fog/spray that creeps onto the gaps. They treat all the hollow body panels as well as the undercarriage. It drips pretty bad for a few days after, and after that it seeps out a bit on hot days. When working on the underside of the truck afterward it...
  18. Frame weld rust

    This is more reassurance for my decision to take my Ranger to a Krown dealer for their rust preventative service as soon as possible after it was delivered to my dealer. I will be having it re-treated annually.
  19. Eibach shocks

    And 3”. This is absolutely correct! I was thinking about the 3" being with Eibach Springs.
  20. Eibach shocks

    On the front, zero” (OEM height), 0.75”, 1.50” and 2.25” by moving the circlip. On the rear, the shocks do not add lift, but will accommodate up to 1.00” lift blocks.