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  1. Interesting Boost Info

    My last truck got about 10 mpg average if I was being gentle. Let a truck be a truck. Let it tow, let it haul and let it haul ass. If you want mileage, there is no shortage of hybrid and electric out there.
  2. Ford Ranger Raptor with V6 spotted

    Between this and the newly announced black package, I'm really starting to think I should wait a while longer and see what else is coming out.
  3. Ford Ranger Raptor with V6 spotted
  4. Ford Introduces Black Appearance Package On All-New Ranger, Available 03/19

    After years of development and popular wish, Ford finally developed a flying truck worthy of the Jetsons.
  5. Interesting Boost Info

    More boost+more gas going into engine=more fun. More fun>more mpg.
  6. Ford Introduces Black Appearance Package On All-New Ranger, Available 03/19

    I like how the black package adds body colored bumpers with the black accents. I feel the sport package should have had body colored bumpers as well. The magnetic color seems to me to be more of an off road package kind of color treatment.
  7. Where ya from?

    Nice, I lived in Central Illinois for a time. I learned to drive a manual on an Oliver tractor on the farm during summer vacation.
  8. Tuned Ford Ranger goes 0-60 in 5.49s! [NGauge Tune]

    Most engines are designed to withstand extremely high tolerances. A tune and some bolt ons won't hurt much of anything. It's all a matter of your comfort level with being on your own if something breaks, but I've had a lot of positive experiences modding my vehicles. Now with that, I know that...
  9. Tuned Ford Ranger goes 0-60 in 5.49s! [NGauge Tune]

    I've modded, tuned and driven just about every vehicle I have owned hard and I've never had an issue. My first car was a 1989 Ford Probe GT. I got it with 120k miles on her and swapped out the pcm, added a custom ram air intake, a custom ignition computer, a high performance ignition coil, a...
  10. The Alpha Ranger — pic heavy.

    I bought my wife the 7D mark I many years back as a Christmas present. She loves it. Great camera. The truck looks great. Any plans to do anything else to it? Lights, bumper, etc.
  11. Used 2019 Ford Rangers!

    At those prices you'd be better off buying it new and work out a deal at invoice or x plan with Ford.
  12. 300 HP with Higher Octane Fuel?

    Yeah, Torrie has some insane tunes for the F150.
  13. LS1 Swap

    It is my understanding that the LS1 is a relatively small package so that's one of the reasons that you see so many LS1 swaps. The 5.0 Coyote is a really large engine, though. I could see where an LS1 could fit (I've seen them in Miatas before) but the Coyote could very well be too large for the...
  14. Anyone else notice their Ranger chugs gas when idling?

    Is it actual fuel being consumed or is it just the calculation being lowered in the screen? If you manually calculate the mpg, is it lower? The computer will go down pretty fast since anytime you aren't moving, you are adding 0 to the calculations which will dramatically lower your average as...
  15. Is the PRNDS on the console s'posed to light up?

    I guess I'm used to shifting my gears manually. Why would you need it to light up? Doesn't the guage cluster show you what gear you are in?
  16. Looks like Mountune is joining the Ranger game!

    They have a lot of tunes and kits for the Mustang, Fiesta and Focus and you can even buy them from the Ford dealerships with full warranty. They cost a little more going that route, but if you are afraid of losing your factory warranty then that is the best way to go. They have a few kits for...
  17. Next gen 2021 Ranger Leaked?

    I saw this same article on Motortrend this morning. I know it seems early, but as stated before, the Ranger as it's current platform sits is nearly 9 years old so it's about time for the next Gen to be making an appearance.
  18. Differences between Lariat and XLT

    The heated mirrors would be nice for the dew. I had heated seats in my Prius before my Fiesta ST and I never used them. I never knew why heated seats almost always seem to be standard in any car with leather but not ventilated seats. I get so sweaty sitting on leather even with the a/c on. I...
  19. Hey, nice truck! -Stranger

    The Ranger is a nice looking truck. It's a real testament to Ford's design team on this considering it's been out since 2011 with just a few tweaks to the exterior over the global truck.