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  1. 2019 xlt headlamps

    The best you can probably do is get a set off of eBay. Something else you can do is check to see if you have glass coverage with your insurance because most insurance companies will cover headlight assemblies in the glass coverage. Worth a shot
  2. Wheel Spacers; Good or Bad?

    So wheel spacers are most of the time a bad idea. Why you might ask? Well for quite a few reasons. To start with it can accelerate where on certain things like hubs and ball joints and other things if you go out too far. The same effect would happen if you went too far out with a wheel as well...
  3. What wheel with 265/70R17?

    I'm running the factory sport wheels in that size and it does not rub what so ever. You could get the raptor wheels as well and get the same results!!
  4. RTR snorkel

    Actually you will only need to remove the fender liner in order to get the plumbing done. Thankfully they didnt put too much in that area.
  5. I have a ghost in my new truck.......

    It happens when you get in or out of the truck. That is how I know.
  6. Mitts Alloy Tray Canopy Coming to US

    As interesting as it is I myself would still prefer the PCOR Tray and Canopy setup. I feel they did a better job overall. To each their own you could say but that is my input.
  7. Anyone tried the Michelin Cross Climate tires on their Ranger?

    I can't speak for Nokian but for Bridgestone it really depends on the tire. The factory tire for the Ranger (Dueler RH-S) I felt was absolutely garbage but now I have the Revo 3 and i like it for the most part. I recently got some experience with the snow we just got and i have to say it is ok...
  8. Crank no start

    If pats was the problem then it would not crank to begin with. What this sounds like it you have a fuel delivery issue that could be from a messes up harness. If anything check the owners manual to see if Ford is still using the inertia switch to cut off fuel. If so that will make it easy. If...
  9. Hella LED pods in fog light location.

    If possible a part number would be awesome
  10. Anyone tried the Michelin Cross Climate tires on their Ranger?

    A GOOD truck and winter tire i have found is the Cooper Discover M&S. I ran a set last winter in Colorado and they did well.
  11. I have a ghost in my new truck.......

    Definitely the knee for this one. How do i know? Simple, i do the same thing quite often.
  12. Hella LED pods in fog light location.

    Are those the 3 inch round specifically for Ford on the Morimoto website?
  13. Warranty will be void. (leveling kit content)

    That's where your dealership is wrong! Just because you put the eibach leveling kit on does not mean your warranty is void automatically. The part of the warranty that will be void is the shocks and struts because obviously they are not under Ford. As for the rest of the truck you should be just...
  14. Cascadia VSS system interest thread

    In general it isnt a bad idea. The o ly issue I see if you would need to make the truck into a purpose built camper/off roader to make it worth it. On a daily driver I have a hard time justifying it.
  15. Upgraded Cold Air Intake System Scoop from aFe

    Well just to be honest with it being red that adds 10 HP right there!!! LOL. I am curious as to how it will benefit too and i feel it would be a nice addition to the velocitech intake as well.
  16. so what is this "rear locker" thing for?

    You are correct sir. That is why I keep stating that it is not a replacement for a locker.
  17. so what is this "rear locker" thing for?

    One other situation that you NEED a locker is off road snow conditions. Last season when I started to play off road i got stuck in snow. Terrain Management would not get me out. A locker coupd of done the trick but I did not have one. Instead i had to hold in my pride and get pulled out by a...
  18. Share your positive thoughts

    Lol you mossed the fact that i was talking about my 2016 Nissan Frontier when i said that.
  19. 2000 ranger 3.0 4x4 problems

    I will be at work soon and will be able to verify but I'm pretty sure they are not vacuum or electric. I'm pretty sure they are a mechanical type. They are supposed to engage when the shafts move forward and then disengage when backing up or when in 2wd. Let me verify at work and we shall go...
  20. 2000 ranger 3.0 4x4 problems

    Not necessarily. With an open diff the side with the least resistance will spin. In this case the passenger side has the least resistance. Now if you had a LSD or a locker that is engaged then it would be a different story.