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  1. Is there supposed to be something up here...

    Nope! Nothing! There are mats available on ebay/amazon that go in each of the holder spots.
  2. Front License Plate loose bolts

    Front plate holder is put on by the DEALER!
  3. 2020 XL Ranger no central locking

    Lesson of the day, Don't try to post when you've been hitting the Sauce hard!
  4. Damper falling off (the horror!)

    WAs one of the FIRST to receive and install the Damper on my 2019 Ranger. ave not had any such issue since initial installation. Either your top connection is faulty or something is obstruction the damper and forcing it off the top connection point.
  5. Highway tire thread

    Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus
  6. Post your off-road pics.

    Not mine, and No, this was the Florida Ranger Group so only Rangers travelling together!
  7. Post your off-road pics.

    Stuck in the Mud!
  8. tough getting in the truck bed with tailgate down

    Worth every penny! love mine!
  9. Turbo Lag

    Just like a Diesel, you can't just PUNCH it with a Turbo. You needs the right RPM so the Turbo is at a fast enough rate to deliver the power you want!
  10. Damper Shamed!

    It ISN'T about how HEAVY or LIGHT the Range Tailgate is! It's about the CONVENIENCE of a one pull on the release and your hands are free to deal with the load you're going to put in the bed! All I can say to the Deniers is: TRY IT You'll LOVE IT!
  11. Is the ranger raptor grill blasphemy ?

    It's not Blasphemy, and who cares what the "Truck" Community thinks? BTW, are WE not members of the Truck Community? Are they saying our Rangers aren't trucks?
  12. Ford Ranger Tremor!

    Not on this outdated Platform. But rest assured the NEW Ranger which will be built on the same Platform as the New Bronco will have Raptor version in 2023!
  13. Poll - Is the tailgate damper the new "Rick Roll" ?

    Be sure to do an unboxing video with full review of the bit and pieces of it. Then move to the Tailgate and show a complete install process. Then finish it all off with multiple versions of opening the tailgate and letting it open slowly all by its self! Maybe put some triumphal music to it with...
  14. Poll - Is the tailgate damper the new "Rick Roll" ?

    I like mine, I have brains!
  15. How many Stubbys are out there?

    Yup! 2 inch Stubby installed shortly after I got it in Feb 2019!
  16. What's Were they thinking with this horn?!

    Have it checked at the Dealer. You should have Dual Horns that have separate tones. Nice and loud when they both work. I had one of the horns quit on me and had to have them order a new one. Took a few weeks but just got notified it's in so scheduled for replacement next week!
  17. Door Key Pad

    The NEW Rangers will have them integrated into the doors like all other NA Ford products! This is just because their slightly updated the World Version of the Ranger that has been sold since 2012 everywhere else but in NA!. We're likely to get the New Version built on the Bronco Platform by 2022...
  18. Door Key Pad

    NO they didn't! These are wireless. Battery powered and need to be replaced when the battery dies. They ae held on with 3M tape.
  19. Upgrade to a raptor grill on a chrome appearance package?

    DO IT! Those saying no don't are just Jealous!
  20. Cut The Cable TV: What Are You Using?

    I subscribe to Hulu+ for Live Local and Cable programming and includes 50hrs of Cloud recordings. Also have a Amazon Prime Membership which includes Amazon Video. Subscribe to BritBox and Disney+ through Amazon Video. Huge selection of Movies and Programs!