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  1. so what is this "rear locker" thing for?

    Back in 2000, I had a Nissan Xterra. Wanted the 4wd but ended up letting my dad talk me into 2wd. Should have never listened to him... Anyway. It ended up making me a better off road driver and with a little use of the Emergency Brake as a locker, I was able to go places with just 2wd that...
  2. Front tow hook weight limit?

    If you watch "Matt's Off Road Recovery" on YouTube, he's constantly pulling SUVs like BMW's and Volvos (heavy SUVs) out of the sand, stuck up to the frame, and they don't even have a recovery hook. They have a little plastic belly button you have to pop off the bumper, then you screw in a...
  3. Pre-collision?

    In the area between speedo and tach, mine has a red blinking box and the words COLLISION WARNING accompanied by an alert tone / siren like a sub diving. Is that the collision warning you are talking about? Because it sure feels like a collision warning in the front seat.
  4. Pre-collision?

    I've posted about it before. That thing is way too sensitive IMHO. I think I've had 5 to 7 false warnings inside of 12k miles. Haven't been close to an accident yet, but almost caused a few when it went off and I jammed on the brakes looking around me. Had a lane splitting motorcycle set it...
  5. Cup holder

    Not saying it can't still accommodate that task - just do it differently. Look at that storage cubby like you do your bed. It needs moveable dividers or tie downs for flashlights. Something. NO - Not a dampener....
  6. Cup holder

    All joking aside..... I would like to see better options or use of that space. Leave it open with no finger for the cup holder. I'll decide what goes in there.
  7. My ranger smells too

    Due to all this WFH'ing and Coviding My truck sits for two or three weeks at a time with out being driven. Easier for the wife to get in and out of her car so that's what we take most of the time. Opened it for the first time in three weeks on Sunday and BAM Fresh New Car Smell and it has...
  8. How do you reach all of the outside of your windshield to dry it?

    I stand on the skinny pedal and let the air suck the water off.
  9. Differences in Octane

    But does it cost more than 2.5 MPG?
  10. Cup holder

    Works fine for me.
  11. Differences in Octane

    I found a place up in Prescott AZ that sells Ethanol Free gas. E-Zero. And it's 87 octane. When I know I'm headed that way I try to time it so that I can get nearly a full tank. It runs about 10 to 12 cents more per gallon than the E-10 or E-20 87 Octane but I get about 15% to 20% better...
  12. Thoughts on this hood scoop?

    I'm a wee bit on the "Get off my lawn" side of things so it's a no. Adds weight. Adds air resistance. Does not add horsepower. For me - Nonfunctional hood scoops are poser-wear. But it's your truck and if you like it, you get it and don't look back. Having said that - If I did have a huge...
  13. Push Button Start

    When I was buying the Ranger there was an option for about $200ish to have PBS included. I'm sure if you get it as an add on there's more to it than that. Roll up to the dealership and tell them you want to shower them with money - that PBS will miracle right out of someones @$$.
  14. Push Button Start

    Get the kit from Ford. Have them install it. And I agree - we sit here on the eve of 2021, just two decades past the time we were promised flying cars and I still have to use a key to start my truck. This technology has been around for 40 years now. AND WHERE IS MY MR. FUSION?
  15. RTR Fender Vents!!

  16. Rear fender open?

    Totally normal. Hide your contraband in there.
  17. Fumoto Valve Fail

    I pay a guy to do my oil. Da hell do I care if he has to unscrew a plug? I'm not spending money to make his life easier. And if these were that good of an idea, Ford would be putting them on all of their cars. Think about how cheap they would be if ordered in bulk-bulk. They could be had...
  18. Thoughts on this Ranger?

    Same here or close to it. About $32k for a XLT (Non FX4) 4X4 - Pre Corona Craziness Too..... I like the Baja Rack. Like the door stickers. Like the window vents. Like the hood protector Needs new wheels Is it a 4X4? Didn't see that listed in the features. My advice, if you like it and that is...
  19. Wife borrowed truck, found it in 4H next morning, now clicking in steering going over speed bumps...

    All you guys with wives and girlfriends that love to take over your truck. Mine is 5 foot nuthin in thick soled shoes with an updo and a little white lie. Stock XLT 4x4. I had to get one that has step rails so she could get in. She hates it because of the height (she drives the mustang). If...
  20. Slamming my doors!

    It kills me. Happens all of the time. I drop my wife ad daughter off where ever we are going. At the door to a restaurant, at the entrance to the mall, at a doctors office - wherever. I turn to them and say "We're here! Now remember - Don't Slam Your Door, Please." They get out and slam the...