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  1. My ranger smells too

    Back in the good ol' days, we had a customer come in with a random kiinking sound coming from the right rear wheel area in a Mystique that only had a few hundred miles on it. Turned out to be a Mountain Dew can inside the rear door!
  2. My ranger smells too

    Probably residual coating or paint on the heater core- it should go away with use.
  3. Acceleration problem when coming to a stop when in Cruise Control

    "This problem occurred two more times that trip, again exiting the interstate with cruise control on...." Do you mean two more times in a row or random occurrences over several times? Hopefully the new brake light switch has fixed it. ASS will not shut off the engine while the gears elector is...
  4. Damper Mods

    I found a DIY Damper Cozy Crochet Kit on Etsy. It consists of a ball of Marino wool yarn, pattern and directions. With cold weather approaching, now is the time to wrap the damper to protect it from the cold.
  5. Damper Mods

    High performance dampers should be closely monitored when operating in severe conditions.
  6. Thoughts on this hood scoop?

    Off topic but only a little: Whe I drove over the road semi, I became aware of the changing of trends through roadside litter. I used to see whitewall tire remnants from blowouts, quarter mile-long 8-track tape that had gotten jammed, or the drive got tired of it. That gave way to cassette tape...
  7. Bye Bye Wiper De-Icer

    Here in the snowbelt, many folks (myself included) pull their wiper arms up away from the windshield when the vehicle is parked outside in freezing temps so the blades don't get frozen down on a frosty/snowy morning. I've busted more than one wiper blade chiseling it off the windshield with an...
  8. Should my console gear selector illuminate at night? 2020 Lariat

    "Hey, Siri! Is the heat on?" Just a moment... OK, now playing, 'The Heat is On' from 'Beverly Hills Cop.'" "@#$%^?!!" I didn't get that: would you like me to call your mother a fire truck?
  9. Should my console gear selector illuminate at night? 2020 Lariat

    NHTSA may require a 140dB alert horn whenever the gate is lowered. But it's just a cheap hydraulic damper- why not a stainless grade 8 jackscrew? C'mon Ford! spend the money you saved on cargo hooks and shifter lights!
  10. Should my console gear selector illuminate at night? 2020 Lariat

    They did the same thing on the Escapes before this. They removed the shifter light and harness (the electric parking brake button is still lit)at the start of 2018 production. Then for 2019, they discontinued the separate rear amber turn signal and replaced it with an all red single...
  11. Should my console gear selector illuminate at night? 2020 Lariat

    To get the Tailgate Damper, you have to get the "Gearshift Indicator Light: delete" option, only available with Pepper Ped, which is discontinued.
  12. Where are the Mexican Rangers built?

    Rangers for Central and South America are produced at Ford Motor: Bueno Aires, Argentina. although the 3.2L is used in here and in those markets, FMA may not have the capability to build that motor to US EPA spec. Also, some vehicles destined for Central/S. American countries would not pass...
  13. 2021 Ranger XL Adds New STX Special Edition Package for Upgraded Tech, Wheels and Interior Finishes

    Pretty close. To get the $995 STX-SE package, you also need to get the $995 STX base package. To get those two, you need to upgrade to the $1,135 501A package, but 99.99% would anyway: cruise control, remote key/tailgate lock, power mirrors. The 18 inch wheels are available as a $999 stand...
  14. Job, what do you do

    I've had a mostly "internal Combustion" life. My first real job was in 1965 part time at a car wash starting at 95¢ an hour. Car washes weren't robotic like they are now- hand washed, towel dried. I then worked at half a dozen gas stations (there was no self service then), finally achieving...
  15. 2021 Ranger Price List (MSRP/Invoice Pricing) - Base Vehicle, Packages, Options

    Factory programs are regional, and pricing in one area may be quite different from another area. invoice margin has decreased a lot since I was selling in the 80s & 90s, so the dealer has to rely more on various OEM vehicle and finance programs than in those days. The best time to get a previous...
  16. Aftermarket Projector Headlights?

    Better late than never, but have you thought about modifying your fenders and hood to accommodate your "custom" headlight housings?
  17. 2021 Ranger Price List (MSRP/Invoice Pricing) - Base Vehicle, Packages, Options

    It seems like a placeholder package until the 2023 Ranger Raptor arrives. $4290 and with the same 2.3L in stock tune... meh.
  18. Dash and console applique

    Q: what is the difference between a young man and an old man? A: A young man has wet dreams and dry farts...
  19. Don't do that!

    If you run out of wire nuts and the hardware store is closed...