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  1. 2021 Ford Ranger Order Guide (Includes Tremor Package)

    Cactus Grey is going to look SWEET on these!!!
  2. Amber or White Fog Lights

    I like amber for snowstorms. Just my preference. (We get a lot of snow!)
  3. Adaptive Cruise Control amd Brake Lights

    Does anyone know if when the adaptive cruise control slows the vehicle down if the brake lights come on? I drive the interstate regularly, and have often wondered this. I would assume that they do. Just wondering if anyone can verify. The same question applies for the trail control, and the...
  4. What are the 3 mounts behind back seat

    Looks like LATCH system attachments for child car seats.
  5. Bronco to Ranger Features

    I think the removable top would be sweet!
  6. Carrying a bicycle

    Like your setup. With the front mount do you see anyway you could get 3 bikes in the back on the angle and close the endgate? Looks like 2 is about max. I got three in, but had to lift my bike up to raise the back wheel and pinch it with the endgate.
  7. Two Totally Useless Features As They Came From the Factory

    I can reach the slider from the driver's seat. While not ideal, it's not the big of a deal, and adds nice extra air flow.
  8. Just a pic of sex on wheels.

    Weird to see so many species of bird flying so close together. Different colors of poop probably.....
  9. I Guess GM Has Seen The Light From The Ranger

    Ahhhhhh Chevy........ Always 2nd Fiddle. Always the Bridesmaid......... I do give them credit. At least by continually copying Ford they will improve their product by default. We know what happens when they venture out on their own accord (see new silverado and hd).
  10. Closing doors this way

    Never noticed before! I usually use the black sticker, so as not to finger print. Cool find!!
  11. Cool Retro paint scheme

    I like it! Theres a GMC with a "retro" paint job like this running around where I live and it misses on so many levels. Something about this works!!
  12. Lariat B&O Full System Upgrade

    This what what I am considering. I appreciate your speaker upgrades, but think it might be a bit out of my capabilities and needs. Seems to be a big improvement from just sound deadening alone! Nice wrote up and progress so far!
  13. RAPID RED Ranger Club Thread

    From the first pics we are seeing on here, that color is looking great! Like a dark candy apple red? Appears to be very deep!
  14. Pre-collision?

    Yes probably ice. About a month ago I was on the Interstate and I pulled out to pass a slow moving pickup and trailer. Wind was blowing extremely hard. As I drew even with the trailer, the precollision went off. Warning on the dash, audible alarm, and the vehicle slowed rather dramatically...
  15. Has anyone done a complete 2019 Ranger oil/filter change by themselves yet?

    I just completed my first oil change on my Ranger. The dealership had done one previously. I was very much surprised to find that the dealer had either stripped out, or just ripped the mud guard over the plastic screws! I should have known better than to even let them try it, but the first...
  16. Lower grille insert

    Interested in seeing this on. I'd imagine that it would prevent access from the block heater though, no??
  17. Back Story On the FX4 Brand

    Phil, In your opinion do you think the FX4 package still holds true to your original vision? I appreciate your contributions to this forum!!
  18. Topper Shell

    Do you have a link to those bike mounts? They look great!
  19. Who is getting a Ranger extended warranty? - POLL

    My dealer offers free Lifetime powertrain for the original owner.