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  1. Texas For sale OEM Running Boards. 150.00

    sorry I just saw this. I am in Round Rock 20mi north of Austin
  2. Ford Protect Extended Warranty

    They can’t do that. You do need to keep a log of where service was performed and the dates. One reason I have all mine done at the dealer. They put all the services on the oasis report so I don’t have to track it.
  3. Auto start/stop feature elimination for free?

    What the hell.?!? Why you bringing common sense and logic into this discusson? I did this on both my escapes and our current edge. Thankfully my truck came without it.
  4. Your thoughts on my experience at a Ford Quick Lube

    this is a good idea I will start doing this as well not all of them. The Quick Lane where I take my vehicles are top notch. But they know that I am a car guy and will Likely know if they try to bullshit me so they just don’t do it. Also the fact that I have been going there almost 20 years...
  5. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    So I haver started a new desktop Build. My current one is ten years old and won’t run windows 11. I have been studying up on the latest tech. Got down to the case and graphics card and really wanted to see / handle the cases at least. So drove down in the Ranger. Left round rock with half a...
  6. Rivian R1T ramming vehicles before crashing into a pizza joint.

    Maybe the dude should take some driving lessons and stick to his moms Volkswagen or basement which is appropriate
  7. Another Close Call

    Correct but you can see from the video it wasn’t a close call. Not even close to it. But you do you
  8. Another Close Call

    Gotta agree. not even close to a close call
  9. First Encounter in the "Wild" (Ranger's Spotted Megathread)

    That is an awesome show! I went once when I was doing a contract at Camp Pendleton. There was a guy there with an original AC Cobra. Beautiful car. Sometime later I was telling a couple managers at the Shelby museum in Vegas about him and they knew exactly who I was talking about. I have a...
  10. What happened to customer care and quality service?

    THIS! you have got to find a place you can trust. I will not ever buy a car from anyone in Austin. The sales people around her just suck anymore. I will make the 3 hour drive to Abilene, dealer up there was awesome. But the quicklane that I go to has treated me and my vehicles very well...
  11. Does L1MZ-6A949-C , engine cover, come with bolts and nuts ?

    The supply of used ones is all but dried up. I went ahead and ordered the kit from for 164.00 + tax and shipping which totaled 194 and some change. It came with all the hardware necessary for the install. Levittown shipping was twice as expensive .
  12. Running Board Suggestions

    I looked at the amp stuff and the Go Rhino stuff and went with the Rhino and have not regretted it a second. The biggest issue with the amp stuff is the single motor is open to the elements and thus is an unacceptable point of failure for me. The Rhinos have dual closed motors on each side and...
  13. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Drove from Jekyll island Georgia to scot Louisiana. And got a room got the night. Noticed a couple thing this time around. First - I get better MPG if I don’t use the cruise control. I noticed that when I took over my average ticked up a point or two. Will be interesting to see what Fuelly...
  14. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    As do I lol. I was parked in McDonald’s and this guy raved about it on his way in and raved some more on his way back to his car. I do get a lot of looks
  15. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    shouldn’t this be in the”What did you do to you Ranger today.” thread? Something along the lines of “I abused the hell outta it with the roof of a parking garage!” 😝
  16. Engine Cover Kit Discontinued??

    plenty of places have them in stock now, if they don’t
  17. Aftermarket exhaust that's just as quiet as stock?

    I decided to use the Fuelly app on this trip. I was surprised to find an almost 2..5mpg difference between the app and the MPG reported by the displays. But then I never expected to get what ford claims anyway. They do some fancy bullshit deriving to get those numbers for the EPA...
  18. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    i realized that talladega was 20 minutes from my hotel so took a ride down. Visited the motorsports hall of fame and took the track tour and this:
  19. Ford bringing back the TBird?

    the relaunch secked because the car had no soul. They need to bring back something along the lines of the late 50s early 60s Style. I still covet a 1957 T-Bird. I would give my left testicle for one