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  1. Pulled the trigger on a 2024 Ranger Lariat 4x4

    That’s just set of expensive wheels. Lariat’s are the ones to get. My ‘19 Lariat has Been awesome since day one.
  2. Coming up on 40k. A few preventative maintenance things the dealer is recommending

    They are just screwing you. None of that is necessary. Maybe they figure since you use Premium fuel in a Regular engine suggests you support overkill.
  3. Noob Here - Tire Upgrade from Stock

    Ride like a Dream! 60K mile warranty, quiet, 5 Star Rain Handling rating which important here in Florida! And these are the smaller Stock tires for the Ranger Lariat in 17inch. A larger size if available for your needs may look even better for what you want!
  4. Noob Here - Tire Upgrade from Stock

    Michelin LTX Defender tires are EXCELLENT! Put them on my 2019 Ranger Lariat and love them
  5. Star/tStop Eliminator from TRL Automotiveve

    I just put an LED Nite Lite in the rear console 120 volt outlet. Has worked flawlessly for 5 years!
  6. Fuse box for raptor lights

    Most just plug into the front side light on the Driver side
  7. Feeding cable behind headliner for rear dash cam?

    It’s actually quite easy. Up the A-pillar and then over to the driver door side. Pull down the rubber seal and slide it up under edge of the headliner. Do the same on rear driver side door. Then back to the rear window. Took about 20 minutes!
  8. Battery and Charging

    Just get a trickle charger and your issues will disappear
  9. Lensun Hood Solar Panel

    Looks like a sales pitch to me.
  10. Why with weight in truck bed it rides better (sorry posted in wrong category and I can't find out how to move thread)

    Have better shocks put on the back end. It will reduce the bouncy ride the stock shocks give you.
  11. Need advice regarding new tires.

    Michelin LTX All Season M&S...
  12. This truck is getting to me…

    Yeah, it’s you. My 2019 Lariat is nearly flawless with 40,000 miles on it! Couple minor issues early on and working and looking marvelous now!
  13. Tire Pressure Display

    As said by others. It will take a bit after driving to update with accurate pressure.
  14. Removing Vinyl Wrap from Door Trim

    How would buying directly from manufacturers help? Their the ones who make the crap!
  15. Those who have sold a grille on here, what did you do about shipping?

    Bulky items like a grille will be charged a cube weight instead of by weight. I ship big boxes with good of clubs and guitars by FEDEX Ground Advantage and get best rates.
  16. Those who have sold a grille on here, what did you do about shipping?

    FEDEX Ground Advantage shipping is best affordable rate.
  17. Remote start finding

    You’ll kill your battery if it starts without being driven enough to recharge.
  18. Window trim defect

    It takes NO MORE than 5 minutes to change that lower trim piece out! ONE screw accessible WITHOUT any panel removal is all that holds it in place. Did all 4 of my trim pieces in 20 minutes!
  19. Faded Window Trim

    Replaced all 4 pieces. One screw accessible from inside door with no other panel removal required. 5 minute job for each piece.