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  1. 2WD Level Kits?

    That’s because rough country only makes a 2.5in. is who you want to contact for a true 3inch level kit. Everything has been perfect with mine.
  2. Mbrp exhaust... no flex pipe?

    Yes, exhaust alone will boost performance.
  3. Treimche's White Platinum Ranger

    Did you get a 3.5 inch level stance?
  4. Never buying AFE again

    AFE is a huge company. You tend to lose customer service and quality when you get really big and have parts for every car.
  5. Who has the 4X2 Rangers

    4x2 with some aggressive tires. Haven’t been stuck yet but also haven’t really “off road” in mud. I’m sure it would get stuck. I made the same choice, 4x2 Lariat.
  6. JB4 Tune (Burger Motorsports)

    Still waiting for the updated tune.
  7. Full size Spare!

    Snug indeed :clap:
  8. Mbrp exhaust... no flex pipe?

    I have MBRP as well. So far so good.
  9. INGOT SILVER Ranger Club Thread

    Finally put my RB20s on:turkey:
  10. oem Skid Plate

    So that’s good, I have the tow brackets so it should bolt on.
  11. oem Skid Plate

    I’m betting on it.
  12. 3” level lift fits 2wd/4wd

    I have, they are right in the middle. Not the best but not the worst. You can’t stomp on the pedal in the rain. You have to ease into it and she holds.
  13. 3” level lift fits 2wd/4wd

    3” lift from 285/70/17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers w/ 1/4” front spacers.
  14. oem Skid Plate

    Pretty sure it is steel. Fairly heavy duty. Correct me if I’m mistaken.
  15. oem Skid Plate

    That’s the pickle I’m in.
  16. Afe intercooler pipe

    how was the install? Is it a DIY? Hours? Any advice or tips?
  17. Black Exhaust Tips

    MBRP black series cat-back exhaust.
  18. Does anybody but me actually use the running boards?

    Damn, my ship date is 1/17. I hope that stays :please:
  19. 35" tires with a 3" Suspension Lift?

    I’m running 285/70/17 on stock sport wheels with a 3” level lift from i didn’t want to remove crash bar so some 1/4” spacers did the trick. If you get the right offset you should be good. Guess the question is what’s the best offset....