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  1. Front Camera Fault Service Required Warning Light

    Update: I took my Ranger to my local dealer and the module was faulty and needed to be replaced. The price for the repair was just over $1,000 with tax. When I dropped off my truck I talked to the service writer stating that even thought I was just out of the three year bumper to bumper...
  2. Front Camera Fault Service Required Warning Light

    Thanks for the responses. I checked my wiring by the brake reservoir and it looks fine. I noticed I have the same dead wire plug as Duke. I’ll do a scan at my local parts store and see what it shows. I also found the article below and it talks about a module and sensor behind the front bumper...
  3. Front Camera Fault Service Required Warning Light

    I received this fault yesterday when starting my car in the morning. It was fine three days before when I last drove it. There are a couple of other threads on this but related to windshield replacement and alignment. I have a 2020 Ranger Fx4 Lariat with all options that has now 23,000 miles...
  4. California Sold: Ranger Exhaust Tip in Black

    I have a Ford Performance Ranger Exhaust Tip in black, NIB. Fits 2019-2023 trucks. I bought this a year ago and never installed it. $100 shipped to US addresses only. Payment via PayPal only. I’m located in the Sacramento area and it is available for local pickup which will save you $10. Please...
  5. Dealer offer on Raptor Ranger

    So Ranger Raptors are selling for sticker? If so maybe I should buy one. Hmmm
  6. 4wd L vs 4wd H

    Since you’re specifically asking about snow 4H is your friend. It works well in snow. Note the stock Hancook tires are terrible on snow and ice. I installed some Falken Wildpeaks and they are a huge improvement on snow and ice.
  7. Is your Ford Pass app working?

    This is the message I’ve been getting for over a month trying to use remote start. Nothing was working although the remote start using the key fob has worked fine. Mines a 2020 Lariat Fx4 in service for just over three years. This past week I was in Utah on a ski trip and saw sub zero temps...
  8. Salt Flats Were Nice Today

    Utah has peaks over 11,000 ft and I’ll be skiing them next week. We’ll be driving out 80 so if weather permits we’ll stop for some photos at the salt flats.
  9. Saxom's Night Ranger

    Nice Ranger. I have very similar mods on my truck but used Fox and Wildpeaks with no tune. The larger tires and spacers were a nice improvement and I got the idea from other members. I got the Wildpeaks because I do a lot of skiing and they seem to work well in the wet. Way better than the stock...
  10. Tire recommendations

    I installed the Wildpeaks earlier this year and they are as good as advertised. Here’s my Ranger on the stock wheels with a Rough Country leveling kit and 1” spacers.
  11. California FS: Yakima Tonneau Kit 1

    This kit is still available
  12. Pennsylvania Fox Suspension Off-Road 2.0 IFP Kit Ford Ranger 2019-2022

    Hi, are you willing to sell the fronts separately?
  13. California Sold: FS: Yakima Tonneau Kit 1

    For sale is a used Yakima Tonneau Kit 1. All original parts are included and are in good condition. The plastic trays may have some slight fading but nothing crazy and do not have any cracks, tears or big scratches. I'd have no issue using these on my truck if I had a tonneau cover. This kit...
  14. 2019 Ranger "Prerunner" Build

    I’m following you now. Glad to see you’re out having fun in that bad boy.
  15. 2019 Ranger "Prerunner" Build

    That's a bad ass build. Let's see some action shots tearing up the desert
  16. Tremor Flares Installed on my 2019 Lariat FX4 Sport Super Crew

    Those look nice. I'm also considering the Tremor flares on my Ranger and have a similar tire setup as you with 1" Bora spacers inbound. I'm curious if those flares actually provide any extra protection or are they mostly for looks. Not that there's anything wrong with that. :) @MXGOLF I...
  17. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Nothing too exciting but I Installed Falken WildPeak tires in 265/70/17 and Fox 2.0 rear shocks. I have some Bora 1" wheel spacers on the way.
  18. Adaptive cruise control... I love you.

    I'm a big fan of ACC. I use it every chance I get and especially in traffic. Our 2013 Fusion Titanium was our first car to have it and our Tesla has FSD. If I don't want to use it I don't but it's nice when I do.
  19. Support group for those without a tailgate damper

    I don’t need no stinking tailgate damper