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  1. Bcm

    After a little more research apparently it will have to go to a dealer for their "proprietary software " to reset.
  2. Bcm

    Was too late last nite to do anything. Want to make sure how to do reset today. Would like to get it right first time
  3. Bcm

    Drl wire was severed, then repaired.
  4. Bcm

    How is the bcm reset ?
  5. Sync3

    I’m using CarPlay now also. Happy with it. Out of curiosity is the center channel wired from hu or amp/dsp on the B&O system ?
  6. Sync3

    Just curious at this point. Have read no aux input on the sync 3. I have a wavtech loc that does have an aux input on it but is behind backseat. Doubt it would work because a separate loc is for sub.
  7. Sync3

    I see there is no aux input on hu. Anyway of achieving better sound thru the usb than apple play which is what currently being used ? TIA
  8. Anyone have wire diagrams for the Ranger B&O amp/dsp going in and coming out ?

    Thanks, any wire identification for going into amp/dsp ? Trying to get flat signal before it leaves amp to sub
  9. Anyone have wire diagrams for the Ranger B&O amp/dsp going in and coming out ?

    Is there a bass signal coming from sync3 hu for sub and which wire would it be ?
  10. Ranger drl

    Thanks for reply. Yes it’s the left drl, confirmed at dealer. The wire was cut when work was being done by not so good (and now unable to locate installer for power line to battery). Did not realize this happened till a few months later. Dealer wanted $1800 to repair. I ran wire thru firewall...
  11. Ranger drl

    I have a Lariat. Appreciate reply
  12. Ranger drl

    Hello, a few months ago I posted for help with the left drl . Wire was cut. I got a lot of helpful replies. I am now back to fixing this again. My problem is (due to lack of information Ford cares to show) I have 2 different diagrams for C228oc bcm harness plugin. One diagram is from a 2020...
  13. 2022 Lariat

    Appreciate the reply’s. Yes wire is cut. Confirmed at dealership when I took in not knowing this was the issue. Dealership wanted $1800 to fix and were kind enough not to charge me for initial diagnosis. Unfortunately I cannot find installer who did this and I doubt he would take responsibility...
  14. 2022 Lariat

    In need of wiring info for left side drl on headlight wrap around. Wire was cut going thru firewall during power install. Which under dash module does this wire go to ? Installer disappeared. I have run my own wire from front to under dash but can’t find any info to under dash to jump bad wire...
  15. Lariat DRL technical question

    Appreciate help. Don’t have Forscan though. Would regular diagnostic reader pick that fault up if it’s there ?
  16. Lariat DRL technical question

    Need a little help. The left side drl on my Lariat stopped working. I believe the # 6 pin and wire is cut when power for amps went thru grommet. Where or what module under dash is the other end of that wire so I can verify that’s the issue. thanks