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  1. Aftermarket subwoofer

    I used an automotive Butyl to help seal the 3/4 MDF to the plastic bin. The only other hole was for the speaker wire quick connect piece. That I cut the hole pretty tight for a solid fit and siliconed it going in. Then the dynamat all the way around the plastic.
  2. Colorado Sold: 2019 XLT FX4 Sport 13,000 miles

    Toying with the idea of selling my Ranger. Bought it to drive a bunch, work plans changed and now it is sitting. So looking to focus elsewhere. Is. 2019 XLT with FX4 and Sport appearance (magnetic bumpers, etc) Has heated seats, dual climate, all the good XLT stuff. No tech package though. has...
  3. Mountune Intercooler

    Another interesting option appearing here soon. With it appearing to include charge air piping, pricing seems in the cheaper options! Interesting to see when it releases in August.
  4. WHIPPLE Intercooler

    I know this still looks to be preliminary, but this looks promising and could be very good news for the intercooler need for these Rangers, since currently very limited options..... excited to see what they come out to be, other EcoBoost models are benefiting from Whipple’s design...
  5. Thing about a twin turbo

    Correct, typically external will be best for high boost. But with overall efficiency of those EFR’s, and the real estate that is gained/saved in engine compartment from running it, it would be a good high pressure option. Plus trying to find a way/room to externally wastegate the high pressure...
  6. Thing about a twin turbo

    I would look at possibly removing the electronic wastegate controlling system (through tuning should be able to). Utilize the turbo mount from full race Then go with an internally...
  7. Foster SCMod on Turbo?

    Here is my old powerstroke with the Borg 366SXE. Loved the sounds that thing made.
  8. Foster SCMod on Turbo?

    It’s different than the 6.0. That was more exhaust note due to the variable turbo. This is more compressor sound. It was hard to pick up the whistle on the phone. I quieted it down a little from the first run and it’s less air wooshing and more spooling sound. I came from a 6.7 powerstroke with...
  9. Foster SCMod on Turbo?

    I went ahead and made the jump to try out the Foster SCMods sound enhancer on the ranger. These are meant for Supercharged vehicles to enhance the rotor whine in cabin. Well I wanted more turbo sound in the cab, which I definitely got! Quick snip of a video on it. Can get more videos if wanted...
  10. Thing about a twin turbo

    I would think the hardest part is going to be adapting the electronic controlled waste gate to function the way it needs to for bringing on the atmospheric, while maintaining a healthy and durable drive pressure. main points that I would dig into- -what are running out of first right now, fuel...
  11. Alternative Steering Wheel(s)? I have seen options on eBay as well. Don’t know anything about them other than what shows up on the search.
  12. Colorado Magnetic Sport Wheels

    Somewhere around 70 and 470 junction appears to be roughly halfway on either end? I can PM my number and we can make a plan too.
  13. Colorado Magnetic Sport Wheels

    I am in Eaton, East of Fort Collins, but willing to travel to meet if wanted as well! I am off until Saturday.
  14. Colorado Magnetic Sport Wheels

    Yes they sure are, boxed up and all.
  15. JB4 Tune (Burger Motorsports)

    Ford Performance pack that is offered now is 50 state legal and CARB certified and, can carry warranty through ford performance. Can buy direct from dealer, or through below:
  16. JB4 Tune (Burger Motorsports)

    I thought it was available for anyone to order now?
  17. RTR Wheels

    I see, I just had noticed on their site the RTR Ranger truck will be coming with the 265's for clearance. either way will look good that's for sure. I am sure they did it so the package can be sold at dealerships without having modified crash bars etc. as I'm sure nobody would want that kind of...
  18. RTR Wheels

    You mean 265/70 right? That is what is on the RTR Ranger. cant wait to see how they look. I ended up going with Gear Overdrives in 17”. Got all 4 for $517 to my door. So I went that route.
  19. Poor Paint Durability

    S Sorry for delay. Warranty first denied claim, dealer said to call Ford customer care direct because they didn’t see any reason for it to be denied. (They said most all paint claims get denied because of scratch and dent claims) went back and forth with Ford customer care and their final...
  20. Ford Performance

    I reached out to Hennessey to see if they would sell the Tuning on its own. Answer was as follows: "Our VELOCIRAPTOR Ranger upgrade is offered as a full turnkey package installed at our shop in Sealy, TX. We cannot exclude any portion of this upgrade. Greg Brown" So they will only do the whole...