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  1. Dash Cam

    Do you have the ING-3 ignition module in-line?
  2. Dash Cam

    Mine does the same and/or powers off entirely. It will go weeks working perfectly and then start acting up. Apparently, the Y connector port to the OEM port is not as snug of a fit as it needs to be and ever so slightly vibrates loose. Did you remove and remount the OEM port and then place the...
  3. Broken key

    I've been trying to get ACE to cut me a spare key for nearly a year. I just want a dumb key, no transponder, to open the door. Better yet, just the blade from the transponder would be perfect. Any ideas about where to get just the blade?
  4. Thinking about canceling my order

    Car prices are starting to get shaky. If cost is a factor, maybe by the time your truck is delivered you’ll be able to make a better deal.
  5. Ford Ranger History and evolution of the small Ford Trucks

    I ran across a F150 Ranger a few years ago. That was a nice looking truck.
  6. dash cam

    That’s basically what I told the dealer. Hey, I know this is not a $90,000 F350 Tremor, but dayum, treat my new truck like it’s a new truck. Yes, I had the dealer install the trailer brake. It’s not too difficult really, I just didn’t want to take apart a new truck.
  7. dash cam

    The install should have been easy, I had the dealer install the dash cam and trailer brake at delivery. I didn’t want to be taking my brand new truck apart, breaking clips and trim, and wanted a “professional” install. But, they must have had a 3rd grader do the install. Long story short, it...
  8. dash cam

    I installed the 2 channel (Front and rear) offered by Ford. I recommend the rear camera option and if able, cloud recording. In addition, a polarized filter was offered and I installed the filters on both front and rear. Made a big difference cutting down glare and makes plates easier to read...
  9. dash cam

    Dang it. Now I have to get a lazy boy for the truck bed.
  10. Ford Ranger Sales Down

    If I were a dealer, especially in the middle of Mayberry, I wouldn’t have any in stock either. Matter of fact, the more popular the vehicle, the less likely I’d have many to choose from. Given the last few years of poor supply, I’d keep that perception of low inventory, hence rarity, going for...
  11. Oil change boo-boo

    My mechanic will steam clean an engine compartment for a reasonable fee (sometimes free if I ask nicely). I’d be careful with the brake cleaner. I’ve seen it turn some plastics nasty.
  12. Letter From Lawyers

    Yep. At this point in my life I’m tired of dealing with shady dealers and manufactures. Tired of all the “too many car washes” voids the warranty excuses. Endless loop of calling customer service, corporate and admin getting nowhere. I’ll keep this attorneys information handy for such...
  13. Off-Roam phone holder

    Check out the install video. Looks like the drivers side slats work normally.
  14. Portable Jump Starters

    It’s called “manual override” in the instructions.
  15. Portable Jump Starters

    Did you press the “dead battery button” on the Noco?
  16. Stubby Antenna Available

    “Just as well” is subjective. Depends on where you live. I’m in a fringe area for FM radio. I have the stubby, the 4” and OEM. With the stubby, I get zero FM stations. With the 4”, I get about 6 stations and that depends where I’m at along my drive. With the OEM, I get a dozen or more...
  17. My headlights suck

    I’ve never had that experience with LEDs. I’ve used some form of LED lamps since the late 90’s. Each and every time, the LED replacements have been more crisp and had well defined cutoffs that were easy to adjust. Any “scatter” has been limited by measured inches that again, can be accounted...
  18. Portable Jump Starters

    I have the Audew product and Noco. I like the Noco line due to simplicity. With many other self recovery starters, you’ll need to keep the manual handy. Some can get complicated and you’ll forget the procedures and settings. The Noco are KISS, however I think the case is extra. Also…please keep...
  19. Ford Protect Extended Warranty

    Even more confused. If the factory warranty is 5yr/60k and indeed we’re talking about extended warranties say 8yr/100k, the truck then has a warranty for 13yr/160k. Otherwise, they run concurrent with the factory warranty of 5yr/60k and your 8yr/100k has “extended” the factory warranty by...
  20. Ford Protect Extended Warranty

    Did that 8 year/100k run concurrent with the factory warranty or, was it an extra 8 years/100k?