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  1. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    Beside my father F250 tremor 2020 on 37... mine is on its 33
  2. Rear End Lift Options?

    I have the rough country rear shackles. With the eibach prolift in front and love the setting
  3. Small hubcentric 93.1 wheels spacer?

    The one you have, have the same problem for me.. 100$ for 200$ for 4... it's expensive compare to the generic one at 7$/piece ?
  4. Small hubcentric 93.1 wheels spacer?

    I've been looking everywhere around my area and they don't have anything...(they all said that universal one will do just fine even when I tell them our truck need hubcentric) so my question, where do you find yours? I just need between 3 to 6mm..and the only place I saw them are on ebay...
  5. Icon leaf dprings

    I use BDS rear shackle for my truck, advertised at 1 inch but gave me 1.1 on both side.
  6. 2021 Ranger XLT on 33’s

    Love your truck ? What wheels are running? I love them.. backspacing, center bore, width?
  7. What height for Eibach pro truck and ICON leaf pack for leveled look?

    For the eibach i went with the 3 inch. And on the back I add the bds shackles leafspring for 1 inch... so the back is a little bit higher (285/70R17)
  8. Rub?

    It's pretty simple if you cut the stock one, you don't have to remove the front bumper to replace them. So a lot of shop can do it(But tell them right away that you don't want to keep the old one so they can cut them...or it's a long job other way). Even you at home if you have tools... there's...
  9. Rub?

    BDS intrusion beams for a ford ranger 2019. You replace you stock one with those
  10. Rub?

    I have the BDS on mine with original fx4 tire for winter..(265/65R17) Normally with 285/70R17 with no rubbing except at full full flex..?
  11. Your quebec cousin's build ?

    Just a little add-on before winter.. BDS intrusion beams... like you see with stock wheels/tires there's plenty of space ?
  12. Rough Country Rear Differential Skid Plate Works!

    I don't think there's a difference but just to be sure, do you have the electronic diff lock on yours to?
  13. Rough Country Rear Differential Skid Plate Works!

    For those who install it!!! I just received the skid plate, but it didn't fit??? The mechanic guy say that the plate doesn't come clean to the diff... say that it's missing like 1/4 inch... for the back of the plate to be on the diff cover lip So he saying that it won't seal the diff cover...
  14. What are you other toys?

    My baby girl ? 1968 Ford Galaxie hardtop
  15. Rock Sliders for your Ranger

    Coastal offroad make a kit that you weld yourself.
  16. Coastal offroad rock sliders??

    I'm curious... did anybody here us them?? I'm a beginner at welding so I would love to know from someone outside of this shop ? if the job isn't to tricky ? I really like the look and the canadian price... because the shipping on american model can be pricey ...
  17. New California gas tax went into affect today

    Same thing in Quebec...they vote a taxe on a taxe on a taxe... 87 octane is presently at 1,31$/liter
  18. Your quebec cousin's build ?

    There only a little bit of rubbing at full lock.. but i didn't change the intrusion beam yet. Once it's done, it should be fine. For the's a lot stiffer..there's no more bouncing like a boat. I love that part. But, i won't lie, for the daily driving.. it's a lot more like a truck...
  19. 108mm center bore spacer??

    Thanks for the precision. Guess i will keep it that way (with the lip of the caliper slightly buff.... I already have wheels with 100mm center bore with a wheel hub centric ring to by adding the small spacer with another ring... I think that's too much small parts for my taste in...
  20. 108mm center bore spacer??

    I need a small spacer...between 6 and 10mm to clear the front galiper....but the parts shop near by only have one with 108mm center bore... and the other option is to order ones from Australia that will take 2-3 months to arrive... My question : do i need wheel hub center ring? Or with 6x139,7...