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  1. North Jersey Checking in

    Ford ranger lifts sells the brackets I used I would have sold them to you but I sold the truck
  2. New Jersey WTB lariat black appearance package side vents

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find the part numbers but if you search for on here there’s a guy named Benny that can probably either get you the vents or the part number i ended up with the air design ones through him
  3. Split rear seats

    How would one go about getting a split rear seat cause the fact that I lose my whole back seat to store my pelican case is quite annoying. I have a super crew.
  4. Free Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates (NA 1 18)

    I did the update today and it worked the maps took a little while but also worked I lost my voice commands but I did a master reset and they came back also follow the instructions above from UofMEngineer that’s how I knew I was missing the voice options
  5. Livernois Tuning released

    I got mine about two days after order and the tune about 3-4 days later very quick turnaround time from order.
  6. Livernois Tuning released

    I just received my tunes from Livernois I had only requested the 87 tune but they where nice enough to send me everything they had to offer. They also sent me a new stock tune since mine was three behind as well. Definitely glad I went with them!
  7. New Jersey Sold: WTB lariat black appearance package side vents

    ISO lariat black appearance package side vent pair. I’m located in North Jersey. Will trade sport ones if interested.
  8. Free Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates (NA 1 18)

    Gotcha thank you for the information I’m either gonna wait for ford to put 3.4 back up or just do it from the other post here.
  9. Free Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates (NA 1 18)

    Gotcha how do I get to the diagnostic screen? And what your saying is once I can update to 3.4 rerun the map update so the number will change as well? I also lost my voice commands for nav only it seems like.
  10. Free Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates (NA 1 18)

    I seem to be having an issue trying to update these damn maps. I have version 17, downloaded 18 did the install had it come up as successful and restarted the truck like it tells you to and still have 17 . Called ford sync services and they tried to tell me 18 was no go so they released version...
  11. Livernois Tuning released

    Awesome what fuel are you using? I won’t be able to drive the truck till at least next week unfortunately
  12. Livernois Tuning released

    Gotcha I sent the request just before 3pm eastern time hopefully it will be here tomorrow or the next day unfortunately I can’t even drive the truck but it will be ready for when I can
  13. Livernois Tuning released

    I did the same thing but I’m still waiting for the tune to be sent to me how long before they sent you the tune file?
  14. Livernois Tuning released

    They told me the sale should be till the end of summer and I just ordered mine yesterday directly through their site and it’s already in New Jersey set for delivery tomorrow with basic shipping.
  15. Livernois Tuning released

    I realized that after I asked sorry about that haha.
  16. Livernois Tuning released

    Does anyone know if you can get a discount on this product?
  17. Stuck between tire sizes

    Do you have a photo of your set up?
  18. Stuck between tire sizes

    Trying to decide between 275/65R18 or 275/70R18 I have the RC 2.5” level soon to be adding faction fab 1.5” spacers would like to leave crash bars untouched. Factory wheels. Could I even go larger with that 1.5 spacer?
  19. North Jersey Checking in

    Bergen country 19 shadow black lariat
  20. Soon to be Emergency Ranger

    I am using sound off mpowers on the whole truck the interior lights are 4 independent lights also if you add me on insta I can send the video quicker jrye22