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  1. Anyone NOT have problems with the Ranger?

    2020 with 43k on it. No problems yet! I drive it mostly in Tow/Haul mode or sport because the tranny always wants to be in a higher gear. I’m hoping I never have to use my extended warranty. I love this truck!
  2. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Oh, and the beach!
  3. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Exercised it down at the beach :)
  4. Analog speedometer does not match digital speedometer by a lot

    It’s not safe to put your truck in park while going 30mph….
  5. Under Seat Storage Covers

    I don’t understand the negative comparison with the taco rear seat. For one, taco rear seats are useless for full grown adults. The “fold flat” in the taco doesn’t really allow more space… it’s high off the floor and barely more room than if the seat was left alone. I fit lots of stuff under...
  6. Free (unless shipped)

    I’m interested in the aem dryflow. I’m in Hawaii so it will need to be shipped 96720
  7. New Buyer Question About Transmissions

    I can’t stand the lazy shifting at low speed but I believe it’s the software mapping as designed. But putting it in tow haul/mode makes it feel like a regular truck. Putting it in sport makes it feel like a race car 🤣
  8. Leer 180 Vs Rsi smart cap. Tremor crew cab.

    Yes! Certainly can… are you familiar with the islands? To get to the snow, I need to drive down the volcano (Kilauea), to the sea (Hilo), and onto another mountain (Mauna Kea). 🤣 It’s not that different than my daily commute….
  9. Leer 180 Vs Rsi smart cap. Tremor crew cab.

    I have the RSI! I wanted something durable (dealt with too many cracked fiberglass ones) and it had all the right features (gullwings, window port for the dog, pressure vent, many bin options that I’m too broke to buy). I didn’t realize it is also magnetic until later- I hang all kinds of hooks...
  10. Driver door armrest solutions? General comfort for tall leggy types?

    I’m 6’1 mostly legs and very comfortable but I don’t rely on the armrest on the door or the center console (too low for my seating position). I pull my steering wheel all the way out and up, and my seat jacked up tall. Most people don’t like my seating position when they are in the drivers seat...
  11. SmartCap Addition - Weight, Fuel, etc

    Yes, I have the FP fox 2.0. I think the 1 mpg drop was more due to the tires than the smart cap.
  12. SmartCap Addition - Weight, Fuel, etc

    Very little if any. With the larger tires and the cap (both installed around the same time), my mpg went from 23 to 22.
  13. 265 70 R17 Milestar Life

    Do you keep track on the mpg at all? What was the mpg hit with these tires?
  14. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    Came out of Walmart and found this Raptor next to my Ranger… I never realized how much wider they are!
  15. What if ....

    I came in knowing that I’d buy a Saber… but seeing it side by side to my Rapid Red, I chose the RR. If I bought today, it would be between RR and the green.
  16. An actual improvement to the 2023 ranger over the previous ones.

    Here is what it looks like. I bought the magnets from amazon and I have one on the outside flap (hot glued) and one between the flap and the frame- so 6 total.
  17. Looking At A Used SmartCap

    How much are you selling the bins?
  18. Looking At A Used SmartCap

    They are very solid caps as long as you retorque to spec (I think they were in INCH/LBS) and check the struts. The window leaked but RSI. Sent me new gaskets and they no longer leak (my dog tore the original).
  19. Extended warranty

    Granger for me. I was more worried about bad electronics (the head unit controls ac, reverse cam, etc and it costs more than the plan to replace) so I got the everything plan. Great price and easy to deal with.