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  1. Naked Ranger


    Where are my bookmarks?
  3. Skinny baseball babe

    Did anybody click on the baseball babe ad I seem to get at the end of every thread. I have resisted because I know that it is just a tease. If I was Randy Johnson I might send a slider breaking left at those ribs to see if she flinches. LOL
  4. Dash Mat fit

    I got a Dash Mat as a gift and it covers the red brake lights on the dash. I called the company Covercraft and the lady was clue less she just kept asking the order number. I dont know the damn order number. I ended up telling her to tell someone about the problem with the mat. It is too much...
  5. How does the 4x4 operate

    I was driving on pavement and I noticed that the 4x4 light was on in the dash. I looked at the 4x4 knob and it was in 4H. I must have bumped it , it moves too easy. I didnt notice any driving difference. Does anyone know exactually what happens when it is in 4x4. There are no hubs to lock...
  6. The Great Southwest

    Still no truck, but first to post here. I cant wait to put some AZ Pinstripes on a new truck.
  7. Name change

    I would like to change my screen name.
  8. lockable gas flap

    Anyone have a fix to lock up the gas port?