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  1. Georgia Wanted Right Rear Tremor Flare

    Thread can be closed. Decided to buy a new set.
  2. Georgia Sold: Wanted Right Rear Tremor Flare

    Hello. As the title states, looking for a Right Rear Tremor Flare from anyone looking to part with one. Thanks!
  3. SHOW ME YOUR RTT!!!!!!

    FINALLY got my tent mounted!
  4. OEM 2019+ Ranger Tailgate Damper Part# VKB3Z-99406A10-A by DeeZee DZ43206

    I used my Ford points for this. So they took the equivalent of 45 dollars.
  5. OEM 2019+ Ranger Tailgate Damper Part# VKB3Z-99406A10-A by DeeZee DZ43206

    Took the truck in for it's first service. Parts department had it in stock. I used my Ford points. I "paid" $45 dollars after my discount.
  6. Expedition One Mule Baki Rack

    Here is the rack completed.
  7. Expedition One Mule Baki Rack

    Unboxed and partial install. I am missing some hardware that holds some rectangular covers on the posts that hide hardware. And I have to drill holes to mount the map panels. First impressions: Everything was packaged VERY well. All parts were individually wrapped and hardware babes were...
  8. HOT PEPPER RED Ranger Club Thread

    Looks like I'll need to mod my hot wheels..:LOL:
  9. Expedition One Mule Baki Rack

    Mule Baki Rack I'll get more pics tomorrow, but this finally arrived from Expedition One. I haven't completely unpacked everything yet but so far I like what I see.
  10. HOT PEPPER RED Ranger Club Thread

    @tbirdz12 are you running spacers? Good looking truck and looks like that trail was fun!
  11. Hot Wheels Ranger Raptor

    Non at my local Wal Mart. I've always liked the detail that matchbox has though. I will definitely be picking one of these up when I find one. Good find!
  12. HOT PEPPER RED Ranger Club Thread

    I never get tired of this color.
  13. Hot Wheels Ranger Raptor

    This dude just knocked us all out of the water..LOL
  14. HenryMac's Build Thread: 2019 Ranger XL STX FX4 Magnetic Super Cab

    The 205 is probably dimensional weight. Shipping companies get to charge the shipper a hell of a lot more based on what a package that size SHOULD weigh. I got hit with this charge pretty hard on some headlights I sold. Those look nice though! Can't wait to see these installed.
  15. RTR Fender Flares, is anyone running these??

  16. SHOW ME YOUR RTT!!!!!!

    Here's my tent.. Currently sitting in my garage still in the box waiting on my bed rack to get here. Freespirit high country 55 tri-layer. I'll get it put on.... eventually....LOL
  17. HoosierT's Lightning Blue Ranger Build

    What did you do to prep the emblems? Never had luck painting the chrome on plastics
  18. Job, what do you do

    I am a full time Georgia Air National Guard Civil Service GS Technician during the week and on my drill weekends I'm a Master Sergeant (E7). I am a Logistics Planner for my Wing, formerly a Crew Chief (aircraft mechanic) on the C-130 and a Unit Deployment Manager for the Maintenance Group. The...
  19. Hot Wheels Ranger Raptor

    I unfortunately didn't keep the yellow one. Wish I would have kept one before I painted them all. Could never find the silver GameStop truck. Got three of the blue ones though.
  20. Hot Wheels Ranger Raptor

    Publix score