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  1. Need help with a part....

    I need a new front right CV axle. Long story short, last coilover install my buddie messed up the threads where the axle nut goes to. Took a lot of force to get it fully tightened. I am getting ready to install new coilovers and I guess I should also replace the CV axle. Having a hard time...
  2. Ordered Ford Tune!

    Hello Ladies and Gents. Finally pulled the trigger and ordered the Ford Performance tune. I wanted to ask what to expect? Anything I should know before I proceed? I know I will make sure battery is fully charged and use 91 from now on. My truck is stock except for slightly bigger tires...
  3. Towing question…

    So I have to tow a 2004 Toyota Sienna minivan about 200 miles. It weighs between 4,120 to 4,365 lbs. I want to use a U-Haul dolly, U-Haul is saying this “combo” won’t work because of my truck. What do you guys think? I’ve towed a Corolla (about 2,700 pounds) a while back with a tow dolly and...
  4. Never Run Extended Oil Change Intervals: Ecoboost Engines

    Good video I watched today. I always change my oil/filter every 5K personally on my Ranger.
  5. Water in HVAC system?

    Good morning gents. I recently (last few weeks) noticed in the mornings as soon as I turn on my HVAC I am hearing water sloshing back and fourth somewhere from the center of the dash. I haven't used my A/C in months since its winter, heater only. Have not seen any water inside the cab or...
  6. Front Seat Jackers

    Anyone install these in your truck? Thinking of getting a pair but wanted anyone’s input from someone that had these installed.
  7. Engine making weird clicking noise..

    So after I finished doing my oil change today, I did a few revs of the engine and noticed it was making a pretty loud “clicking” type noise. I took a video of it and it’s pretty noticeable.
  8. My Ranger's Transformation

    Next month I will have one year of ownership with my Ranger and 15K miles. Just wanted to post some photo's of when I brought it home, and what she looks like now. Really the only other thing I want next is the Raptor grill, and rock sliders and I think I am done with exterior mods.
  9. How to keep 12V outlets alive?

    Anyone know where the setting is in Forscan to keep the 12V outlets inside the cab on all the time? I like to keep my phone in there charging and it sucks that it powers off after a while. I did this one and it didn't work: 726-39-01 setting XXXX X1XX XXXX, changed 1 to 0
  10. Some off-road pics

    Did a little off roading with @Megawatt last weekend. Had a great time, truck did great, but I need new suspension, the rough country shocks are too damn soft. I was bouncing around like a $5 crack whore.
  11. What the heck happened to my Ranger?!

    So this morning I go to turn on the truck and it's completely dead, no dash lights, nothing. My voltmeter was reading battery at 12.5V which I thought should be good to go. I plugged in my jump pack and still nothing, DEAD. Last ditch, I disconnected negative terminal for 2 minutes and...
  12. My Oil Report (fuel in oil)

    So a while back I told you guys I would report back here after doing an oil analysis to see if I had fuel in my oil. Well seems that I do. Little background on my truck: Has 11,000 miles, most of my driving (about 90%) is highway. I don't baby this thing at all, I haul ass on it frequently. I...
  13. LED Installed / Tow hooks painted

    Quick weekend project. Love the way it turned out. Raptor grill and FX4 skid plate next.
  14. Anyone know part number for these?

    Was installing new light bar, removed the trim and the clips practically destroyed themselves. Want new clips to make sure it holds. Also, is it better to put the clips on the trim first then install or put the clips on the truck and install trim? Thank you.
  15. 12V Exterior Terminals

    Looking for some ideas, I know this board is full of members with some awesome ideas. I just bought a new Viair 300P air compressor and I don't want to open up my hood every time I need to use it. Anyone install some 12V terminals on the outside of their trucks for a quick connection of air...
  16. Start-X Remote Start

    Highly recommend this thing! 5 minute install tops. Start-X Remote Start Kit For F-150 2015-2020, F-250 17-21, Ranger 19-21, Expedition 18-20, Edge 15-20, Fusion 14-20, Explorer 16-21, Transit 20-21, Escape 20-21 (NO HONK-LOCK-UNLOCK-LOCK)...
  17. It’s done. One piece driveshaft!

    Know a lot of you been waiting for this, so here it is. Attached are pictures and details of work done. Only drove it 35 miles. So far all highway vibrations gone, no more shutter at take off. Smooth all the way around! Drove it up to 90mph. I’ll keep you posted once I start the work week on...
  18. My Alignment

    I just had my alignment redone sine I went down from 3" to 2.5" in the front. My steering feels stiffer than normal, is this due to this redone alignment? Was wondering if you guys could take a look and tell me what you guys think. Don't have a lot of faith on this alignment shop, I saw they...
  19. Nevada Side Steps

    Like new $300. Bolts included. Las Vegas area
  20. Las Vegas, Steps for sale