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  1. Ham radio - TS-480 mounting location?

    Hey everyone, I’ve been kicking around the idea of mounting my Kenwood TS-480SAT in my truck seeing as though it’s just sitting in my closet collecting dust. I currently live in An apartment and have no good means of operating a home station. where would Be the best place to locate the main...
  2. How to remove Foglight trim?

    Hey everyone. With the recent snow, My truck hit a spot of ice on a turn and I took out a mailbox with the front of my truck. No real damage, other than my bug deflector being cracked in half, and my passenger side fog light housing broken (Light still works, just the plastic around it). I...
  3. Anyone here use the SCITOO soft bed flip cover?

    As the title states, anyone use this?
  4. For those with Ham Antennas on the hood

    How did you get the antenna coax through the firewall? I see the rubber boot on the passenger side, but it looks completely sealed?
  5. New York WTS: Ford XLT Sport Grille w/Raptor Lights $150

    Looking to Sell my 2019 Ford Ranger XLT Sport Grille with the 3 LED Raptor Lights! Took this grille off with around 1000mi on the truck, the lights were never installed on the truck. I realized I ordered the wrong ones for my Raptor Grille. No Broken Tabs! Looking for $150. I can deliver...
  6. Show me your ham radio antenna mounts!

    Looking for some ideas besides the 400$ tailgate light mount.. Thinking about a lip mount on the hood. What has everyone else done?
  7. Anyone have these decals?

    I have these decals to put on my truck instead of the FX4 logos, and just noticed they are printed differently? Is that normal?
  8. Ranger Raptor Lights voltage?

    Do the LED raptor lights run off of 12v? Since I ordered the wrong set of lights, I’m going to leave them on my old grille, and make a display.
  9. Squeaking when taking foot off the gas?

    I love my new ranger, but I just noticed an odd squeal when I take my foot off the gas and am coasting down the road. Doesn’t matter if I’m hitting the gas hard or not. I can’t tell if it’s from the transmission, or is it the diverted valve doing it’s thing?
  10. Calling cards?

    I was going through the "spotted in the wild" thread and was wondering if anyone has done calling cards for the forum? When I was in my VW/Audi club years ago, when we would see a VW/Audi modified, or kept really clean, or an old air cooled, etc. We would stick a business card on the...
  11. 2019 XLT sport 4x4 Iconic Silver for $36,622?

    was just quoted this with $1153 discount and 72 months 0% financing. Thoughts?
  12. Does Upstate, NY count?

    I'm in Albany, and I don't think I count as a Tri-state, and I consider myself to be a New Englander at heart! My family is from Mass/RI, and I'm closer to you guys than the city!
  13. 2020 Supercrew Ranger XLT OTD price in NY?

    Hey everyone! Glad I found these forums! I'm currently looking at purchasing a Ranger and trading in my BMW that I still owe money on. I'm looking for a Magnetic Grey XLT with the black package, and Trailer Package with the Sport trim (I dont know if this is a standard trim or not?) What are...