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  1. Hyundai and Kia are bringing back the 80's

    I received this in my city's newsletter. Apparently it's the fix to end all fixes for Hyundai/kia thefts until these kids figure out a way around them with a hacksaw. :crackup:
  2. Screw Dave, Where's Tracy?

    I haven't seen a :turkey: in a while. I hope you're doing fine @Tracy Bowman . we can survive without the only useful moderator around here but we need our matriarch. Hail Queen Tracy! unless you are working on your parking skills, then ignore us and practice
  3. tool box

    free and I won't ship. I'm in Lyndhurst pick up or meet up. I have the key and bolts to fasten to the bed rails. I even have a drill to set it up on your truck. sorry won't ship. yes the damper works... that's why it has to go :lipssealed: :crackup:
  4. First ever Ranger Taco Stand

    Have you ever went to an auction and you don't want somebody winning something for a dollar? My dumb a$$ paid $1.49 after taxes and fees for an old beast that allegedly was "Still working when removed". the cliche "they don't build them like this anymore" is true in this case. Luckily on...
  5. Silverado best selling Full Size Truck?

    I just saw a Silverado commercial stating it was the number 1 selling full size truck? ford that bad right now?
  6. Name That Noise!

    I have a squeaking/grunting/chirping noise that comes from the back that happens while braking from 20mph down to 10mph and while reversing slightly uphill but not on level ground. at first it was only while braking and the rotor on the back had pits so easy fix. right? new rotors and the...
  7. 2022 V6 vs Old Ranger (AUS)

    I'm drooling
  8. Farthest Predicted Range After Fill-up

    Since gas prices are kind of high, I have been trying to get better mileage. I have never had estimate over 400miles in almost 35,000 miles after buying my Ranger and nothing over 360 miles since getting the camper put on. 3 things I have done: 1. limit speed to 65MPH- and i still pass other...
  9. Who wants to play a game?

    I got stuck behind this junker the other day that was loaded down with a roll of bubble wrap... it was a big roll of bubble wrap, but still bubble wrap. how many comments can be made in the next 24 hours? The best comment wins free damper removal
  10. USB not recognized

    A little observation and seeing if this happens to others... If I leave the wipers on when I turn off the truck, the stereo goes to radio every restart and doesn't recognize the USB thumb drive. I have an XL with the small non-touch screen
  11. Drilled slotted dimpled rotors

    Anybody get their hands on and installed better replacement rotors yet? for instance...
  12. Ohio $40 Aluminium Tool Box It has outdoor carpet glued inside to keep the noise down, couple dents and dings, 1 key and 2 mounting bolts included. it is mostly clean but not shinny. I'm on the east side of Cleveland 44124
  13. cactus gray?

    So today I think I saw a putty tat... I mean a cactus gray Ranger. that is 1 sweet color. first thought was wanna trade trucks then second thought was how much to paint my truck because it was Screw and i ain't havin that. anybody know roughly how much it would cost and how to convince my...
  14. What is this key hole lookin' thang?

    It took me over a year to notice that hole above the 2 bolts has a slot that looks like a key fits in it. it seems to lock the door when it's turned but doesn't unlock it. this is my first ford so I'm not familiar with their "engineering" and "reasoning". any insight would be great. ...and no...
  15. USB Drive Max Size

    I use a USB drive with wav files since there aren't cd players anymore. Does anybody know from first hand experience or point me to official data on max limit for the size of drive you can use? I have a huge cd collection. so far I have 64GB with 1685 tracks on shuffle and looking for more...
  16. Bob Rossing my tailgate

    I was thinking about doing a Bob Ross painting on my tailgate. So, anybody have thoughts on type/brand of paint? Maybe specific episode to follow?
  17. leaking weatherstripping

    Twice since I bought my Ranger in april the driver's seat belt has been dripping after a heavy rain. It's a super Cab so the seat belt is attached to the rear door. I'm just trying to figure out if I just didn't close the door tight enough or if there is a real issue. the seals look like they...
  18. Go Fast Campers

    A month and a half ago I finally saved enough and deals lined up right and bought my Ranger with the plan to get a Go Fast Campers top. seems like I should have ordered the top and bought truck later... number 1229 on the waiting list. anybody have theirs yet and care to share pics and...