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  1. Where’s your dog?

    Thanks. It’s getting more use than the Ranger now that the kids are older, we’ve started a lawn mowing service and use it for that.
  2. Where’s your dog?

    glad to see this thread is still alive.
  3. Abysmal Fuel Mileage

    I was getting 19 stock on mine, and I babied it, I traded it for a Tundra and now I get 17. If I had a 6 mile commute I'd get a bike, especially if the weather was nice.
  4. Thoughts on Replacement or In-Bed Auxiliary Fuel Tank

    Is that even legal in Canada? I read somewhere that it's not legal in most of the US, but obviously that won't matter much to you. On the Tundra, my new truck, you can get a 26 or a 38 gallon tank. Luckily I have the 38 gallon tank.
  5. Carvana is paying big $$

    Depends on where you live really, in New Hampshire most are 4wd, and while I was fine with 2wd with studded tires and weight in the back, I went with 4wd for my Ranger, and then my Tundra, with a tow package on both.
  6. Goodbye and good luck

    I’ve been getting 19 in the Ranger, I haven’t filled up yet in the Tundra (38 gallon tank) but the dash says 19.9. Granted, the Ranger dash said 22.3. I financed the same amount as the Ranger after trade, so $10k is a fair upgrade cost.
  7. 5.0 powered ranger raptor

    Years ago a church friend had a 302 in his Courier. That was nuts. There is another Ranger video on youtube where they put a 5.0 and a manual in a pre-facelift 5G Ranger. After trading the Ranger for something with a v8, even tons bigger, the v8 just sounds so much nicer to drive.
  8. Goodbye and good luck

    Compare to what? We’re talking $5-$10 a week more in gas tops.
  9. Goodbye and good luck

    I don’t follow. The door doesn’t block my view.
  10. Goodbye and good luck

    I’ve been driving into the office on day a week, maybe putting 100 miles on my truck each week.
  11. Goodbye and good luck

    This one has the power slider, the Crew Max has the roll down window, and I’d have loved that one but wanted a 6.5’ bed.
  12. New Hampshire Sold: 2019 Black floor mats

    These are the original embroidered black carpet floor mats. New, only used for a few days. I’m located at 03049. Best offer, local pickup.
  13. Goodbye and good luck

    I traded the Ranger today for a Tundra. I got what I paid for the Ranger and walked away with a lot more truck. This forum has been fun, I hope the Tundra forums are as good.
  14. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    What did I do with my Ranger today? I traded it for a Tundra.
  15. Local dealers wont install off sized tire.

    The local chain I go to will only install tires that match the sticker on the inside of the door. Even if I bought the performance package from the dealer that comes with the 17" wheels instead of the 18".
  16. Anyone hear of a weld your own bumper kit? You have now!

    Shipping for flat items is so much easier/cheaper, just look at Ikea. Nearly everyone has access to a shop that can weld, having it shipped to a local shop and finished could be cheaper than shipping a finished product.
  17. Anyone hear of a weld your own bumper kit? You have now!

    I think someone on here started a thread about them already.
  18. Cap vs camper shell vs topper regional terminology

    base model certified Focus and a Challenger R/T
  19. Cap vs camper shell vs topper regional terminology

    I’m heading out to CarMax this weekend and might sell the Ranger, if so I could probably part with the cap first.