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  1. what is the biggest sub enclosure for the back.

    Yes, I removed the jack. It's stored in a pivot storage box in the bed. Not sure it would even work if I needed it, since I have 33's and a little bit of a front end lift.
  2. Aftermarket subwoofer

    Sorry, I don't come here much anymore, but it looks like you got your question answered. As far as the jack, I installed one of the swing out tool boxes in my bed. I keep the jack there along with jumper cables, tie downs, work gloves, etc.
  3. So yeah.....I got my suspension....sort of

    I have only read the first page, but there sure is a lot of blame on the shipping companies (UPS, FEDEX, USPS). As the retailer/seller, you need to pack your stuff better. If it was packaged better, it wouldn't sustain so much damage. And of course they're gonna make it right, but it's...
  4. New Member, New Truck, and Failure @100 miles.

    After a week of ownership, only 100 miles added to the odometer and their response to the problem, that dealership would be voiding that vehicle purchase and giving my old truck back.
  5. Ridiculous Pricing

    I'm surprised you're unaware of how leases work being in the industry and having 3 prior leases. A Ford Ranger's residual value isn't as high as a full size truck, especially an F150. That's why you're paying more for a Ranger for a 3 year lease. Small (midsize) truck's depreciate at a faster...
  6. Trash?

    Sorry, but this thread is why I only visit this forum once a week and it's steadily decreasing since signing up. A thread on where you stow your trash? Really? See y'all in a week.....maybe!
  7. One regret.

    All depends on the used car market at the time. I've leased a couple Fords and other makes and never got the early lease turn in option from any of them. I have sold the vehicle to a third party though, which is an option that nobody has mentioned yet.
  8. Super Crew rear seat removal

    There are two cab vents behind the carpet. The seat also deadens the sound significantly. Same affect as putting furniture in an empty house.
  9. Where’s your dog?

    He’s living the retired life.
  10. I cannot understand the purpose of a leveling kit??

    I don't understand people that use multiple question marks (?) and they're not even asking a question. I can't speak for everyone that has leveled their Ranger, but performance and aesthetics is the reason I leveled mine. And it's literally night and day difference in both areas.
  11. Fricking dealer didn't do PDI properly...

    100% same thinking from me. It was a great forum when I first bought the Ranger, but now that the honeymoon/exciting period is over and I've completed all my mods, this forum isn't nearly as intriguing. Can you imagine what people think of Ranger owners, in general, if they come to the forum...
  12. Fricking dealer didn't do PDI properly...

    I can't even imagine how pissed you'd be if the dealer put your speedometer on the Kilometer/hr setting and you got a ticket for speeding.
  13. Back of seat Molle

    BTW, this thread popped up after a couple stale months. I decided to just not stop on the way to and from work and if I had to make a stop on the way home, I just keep the rifle in a locker at work for the night. The Ranger just isn't big enough to have a secure setup for a truck rifle.
  14. Back of seat Molle

    I've had a Dead Air Sandman S in ATF jail since October 20th, but my department doesn't allow them on patrol even when I do get the phone call to come pick it up. They'd rather we go deaf and get blinded by the 10.3" flame thrower!
  15. Back of seat Molle

    I'm assuming you do not own a 2019 or newer Ranger.
  16. Aftermarket subwoofer

    Those aren't the dimensions per JL Audio site. It is tight. I had to cut the carpet, padding because that was a big impact. I removed the jack as well as...
  17. Rubbing issue.

    I didn't see a crash bar pic and thought to myself "Well that's an odd place to rub"..........I run the same tire but even bigger in the 275/70 and don't rub the sway bar. Definitely get that checked out