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  1. Tire recommendations

    I have cooper AT3's also. they are awesome in the snow and worked great on a road trip through Wisconsin when I94 was a literal sheet of ice. we counted 24 cars in the ditch with 1 on it's lid. I was cruising no problems
  2. Decided to buy a Ranger 4X4

    I must have missed those
  3. Decided to buy a Ranger 4X4

    I won't tell you about almost $9k off msrp AND 0% interest I got in 4/20
  4. Decided to buy a Ranger 4X4

    or $39k if they add on the Fox suspension and a brake controller
  5. Decided to buy a Ranger 4X4

    I'd feel comfortable at that price and miles for a limited run color... if that means anything to you. definitely feel even better under $37k
  6. Decided to buy a Ranger 4X4

    and it's a splash edition. my former supervisor had that same truck and options. it was a good color... but 4 doors... get a station wagon
  7. Decided to buy a Ranger 4X4

    what kinks? I haven't seen anybody report any problems on this site except the bedrails being too high :crackup:
  8. Decided to buy a Ranger 4X4

    What's wrong with the '19's? 50k+ miles still going strong but do I need new leaf springs F.O.R.D. dropped the ball on these monoleafs. Just stay away from any used rangers with a TGD
  9. Rear Ride height a Design defect caught tooo late?

    DAVE!!! Please come settle this once and for all!!!
  10. High Mileage Ranger Report

    that's like 4 transmissions
  11. Your rig in epic camp sites!

    I love the snow but that cold is 🥶. I spent a bit of time up there as a youth. It's absolutely beautiful(except for mosquitos the size of b-52s) and you keep reminding to get back for the first time in 30 years
  12. OBDLinkEX via Amazon

    where do you think all those free returns go?
  13. Your rig in epic camp sites!

    you keep posting all this UP stuff makes want to live there.... in the summer.
  14. No Chebbies !

    needs more chrome
  15. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    if it works it snug enough?🤷‍♂️
  16. Hyundai and Kia are bringing back the 80's

    ya that quarter is so nice to have :surprised: don't spend it all on half a gumball
  17. Inside tailgate panel

    @P-38Ranger dp you have more info? what are those clamps on the side for? @Firefighter681 menards has 1/2" thick pvc panel for cheap and solid to work with...