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  1. FORScan Modifications

    I enabled mine a year ago but only get Euro signs which I believe is because mine is a 2019.
  2. Manually change blend actuator from heat to AC?

    Mine never did any clicking, just started blowing only hot on the drivers side one day after parked in a sunny spot. I think the cab got hot inside and caused the box to warp. Next morning after parking overnight in the garage it worked for a bit but failed again. 27k miles.
  3. Manually change blend actuator from heat to AC?

    Yes it impacted 19's and some 20's.
  4. 43000 SUV`s to be recalled

    When I saw that line I checked to see if it was a satire site.
  5. Dashcam Wiring

    I tapped mine with fuse taps in the fuse box. Easy to come down the A pillar right to the box, then test to find a hot and acc.
  6. Dash Cam

    I know many cams come with a plug to pull power from the odb, wouldn't think it would be causing the issue. Can you try it with the lighter socket or another source to ensure it's not the unit itself?
  7. S/S stopping but not re-starting

    If you connect the charger to the negative terminal the BMS system will not recognize that it was charged and can continue to give warnings even after the battery is charged.
  8. What is this bracket in the engine for?

    My 19 Lariat has a larger top shroud that covers that area. Does that fuse box connect with the Tremor switch panel?
  9. Shop talk(I use my truck)

    I don't like the super negative comments that are sometimes added, but generally good hearted silliness is what I see. That thread was a bit of a detective job because of omitted information that drastically changed the story. Gradually we learned that the pan was damaged by hitting a rock that...
  10. Help! On side of highway… trans issues

    Seems you should speak to the shop that changed the pan and overfilled the trans. Have you tried draining the fluid down to the proper level and testing the trans operation?
  11. Another Dang Screw

    I have used these for years for small punctures. Great quick fix that have lasted the life of the tire.
  12. 5g vs. 6g comparison

    I just wish my 5G had a grippy steering wheel.
  13. 5g vs. 6g comparison

    I'm sure it's just the perspective but it looks like an F150 along side the 5G.
  14. Random Tire Pressure Loss

    Sounds like a slow leak, I have one like that on my Sprinter right now. I will be pulling mine off this weekend and water it to find the leak. Then do a punch patch to fix it.
  15. Almost clipped a cyclist

    Not sure why but this conjured an image of Pee Wee Herman on his bike 😁
  16. Almost clipped a cyclist

    Dude acts like he has the right of way to cross lanes at will. Soon to be a ghost bike in his memory.
  17. 154k mile Ranger

    Yeah KBB shows trade in at about 14k, so they have a lot of room to move. I wouldn't consider without a warranty which I'm not sure they could do at that mileage.
  18. 154k mile Ranger

    26k on my 19 Lariat
  19. 154k mile Ranger

    Wow it is in great shape!