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  1. Dead on road after auto stoo

    there was no charge.
  2. Dead on road after auto stoo

    Update. Ford called and said my battery terminal wire was loose. Hopefully that's all it is. This should be covered by warranty right?
  3. Dead on road after auto stoo

    Thanks. I left out an important detail. I actually used my auto insurance (Allstate) to dispatch for the tow since I couldn't find the Ford # and was in a pinch with the traffic, sheriff, etc. Unless Ford contracts with this same tow driver my assumption is I'd only get $100 from Ford and $150...
  4. Dead on road after auto stoo

    Somehow I doubt it. I called Ford Road side assistance and they said I'm only eligible for $100 reimbursement. No way is the local Ford dealer paying the difference.
  5. Dead on road after auto stoo

    This just happened to me this morning. Driving to work in slow traffic and Ranger died. Motor stopped, all lights went out. 14,000mi 2020. Needless to say not impressed and tow truck driver raped me for $485 to tow me 18mi. While I was waiting for tow, guy tried giving me jump start. Lights came...
  6. FORScan Modifications

    odd, mine are greyed out. even says in the manual that in order to reply, you have to pull over. whats the point as i'd just use my phone then
  7. FORScan Modifications

    Is it possible to make the text reply options selectable when driving? When someone sends me a text and it is a simple yes, no, I'm driving type of response, I'd like to just select one of them, but they are greyed out and only allow you to use them when stopped. Seems counterintuitive as some...
  8. Ford Performance Tune - Update

    Other than the requirement for 91+ octane, is the FPT on par with the Livernois tune?
  9. Show me your low profile tonneau cover

    Looks nice, but $900 for a roll up, albeit nice one, crazy money
  10. Show me your low profile tonneau cover

    why do these covers have to cost so much? I've bought them for other trucks in the past and sometimes score a deal on craiglist, but I'm hard pressed to pay $400+ for a piece of fabric and some cheap aluminum struts, at least for the foldable ones.
  11. Squeaky sound after startup

    thanks. was lazy I guess and didn't think to search
  12. Squeaky sound after startup

    Only 3000mi on my 2020 and when I start it I get a squeaking sound for half min then goes away. Should I assume fan belt?
  13. Ford Performance Tune towing issue / lawsuit

    Wouldn't their dyno results make more sense to compare the non-tune stock with 93 octane vs tune using 93? I get most non-tune guys will only use 87, but it would still be interesting to see stock with 93 oct. Probably be in the middle of the two.
  14. Ford Performance Tune

    why do you have to wait? Isn't this done at the dealer?
  15. Ford Performance Tune - Update

    well someone posted here not long ago screenshots of the FP tune and I recall somewhere in the filename there was an indication it was the livernois tune.
  16. Ford Performance Tune - Update

    Seems like a decent price considering you get the K&N too and maintain warranty. The Livernois tune is $499 which I have been considering since you can load your own tunes and use whatever octane you want. My understanding is the Ford tune is supplied by Livernois, so do we assume the tunes...
  17. Ford Performance Tune - Update

    But you have to use 93 octane all the time?
  18. Ford Performance Tune - Update

    So does the FP tune allow you to switch between tow mode and non-tow or is it strictly in one mode all the time?
  19. Anyone else getting a lot of paint chips on their ranger?

    Just got a quote for $699 to do partial hood, full bumper and front fenders. It' tempting as I know the fenders will get sandblasted. Would cost extra to cover the rears ones. On the other hand, I was going to buy some mud flaps with the hopes those would protect against a lot of chip damage...
  20. Anyone else getting a lot of paint chips on their ranger?

    One nice hood chip already after ~6wks of ownership. Debating if I should go for clear bra on hood/bumper or bug deflector. The bug guard is obviously much cheaper, but reminds of the 80's. Can't say I'm real impressed with the paint. My Ridgeline went 3yrs without one chip.