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  1. Life After Covid-19

    Once upon a time in an ER when I was running a very high fever they gave me aspirin and tylenol at the same time. It's supposed to work faster. That was their opinion.
  2. Differences in Octane

    I'm afraid that I'm one of those that never gets in a hurry. If I need to get there sooner, I just leave earlier. I guess it's a personality flaw!
  3. Disable fake engine noise

    Mr. Phil, I think my hearing is already so bad that I've never heard this sound being discussed. Too many quick descents for landing, I guess. They always played hell with my ears.
  4. Should my console gear selector illuminate at night? 2020 Lariat

    My 2020 lights up as well. What I would really like, though, is some outlining around the HVAC controls. I simply can't see them, especially if I'm wearing sunglasses.
  5. Push Button Start

    Jack, Have you taken a look for YouTube videos. I saw a couple, but didn't watch them. Good luck! Ed
  6. Slamming my doors!

    The door slamming must be a universal trait among short women. Allowing the door to swing open and boomerang back and forth a few times also bugs me.
  7. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    All this talk about cold weather is making me shiver. I think I'll go water the wind palms!
  8. Rear camera Recall Notice

    The front camera on our Explorer sometimes won't come on when we try to use it to pull into the garage. I wonder if it has the same problem.
  9. Ford Wheels

  10. Ford Wheels

  11. Ford Wheels

    Thanks, Mr. Phil, for the information. I'm not expecting refurbished wheels, but they would be okay if done properly. I'll give an update after Friday.
  12. Ford Wheels

    I will apologize from the start for asking an Explorer question here, but I don't belong to a website devoted to the vehicle. While washing the car about three weeks ago, I noticed that it looked like the "paint" had started coming off of the wheels of our 2018 Explorer Platinum. The service...
  13. Does This Warrant Buyback (Replacement)

    I'm not familiar with your state's lemon laws and if your truck qualifies, but do wonder why Ford hasn't simply replaced your engine. That would definitely be cheaper than replacing the entire vehicle.
  14. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Do you mind sharing where you found this?
  15. Poll - Is the tailgate damper the new "Rick Roll" ?

    I'm waiting on the automatic automatic opening and closing gate--kick under the bumper and wait on the magic to happen!
  16. Non-FX4 four wheel drive system

    I have a regular 4X4 also. I believe it is a traditional 4WD system and not the "intelligent" type.
  17. 2019 Ranger prone to fuel making its.way into oil?

    Mr. Phil, I did the same thing when I saw the writing on the wall at Eastern Air Lines, and we know what happened there!
  18. What is the best Ranger color?

    My wife's car is metallic white, my Corvette is red and so I really wanted a dark blue. Well, that wasn't possible, so I ended up with silver. Boring!
  19. Which Octane to run?

    I use 93 octane ethanol-free gas. I think it runs better and if I think it runs better, it's worth the extra quarter or so a gallon. To each his/her own.
  20. Sync Map update with help of Ford Customer Service

    I was checking for my ESN number to do the update on my 2020 and in looking for it, I noticed that an automatic update was done yesterday while I was driving. Automatic updates is turned on. Is this referring to a Sync update, navigation or both?