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  1. Differentials and Transfer Case Fluid Change

    Also note that the shop manual says to throw away your original plug and replace it with new. When I did mine, Ford was backordered for months on drain plugs, so I just re-used mine. I did add a small amount of high-temperature pipe dope to the threads (NOT thread locker) to make sure it would...
  2. 2020 Ranger Frame

    I pulled a wiring loom all the way from just behind the front driver side tire to the bed to wire in some bed lights with no problem. The frame has quite a few bends etc in it, and some internal walls to get around, but there are also lots of access holes along it. Having a fish tape was handy...
  3. Differentials and Transfer Case Fluid Change

    I just used 20 for the transfer case, as I also could not get the shop manual to work for that section. Did not feel like I was over torquing anything, and no leaks.
  4. Differentials and Transfer Case Fluid Change

    20, per the shop manual I've attached.
  5. Turbosmart Kompact

    Thanks for the clarification. I don't love the sound of a turbo sneezing it's BOV all the time (neighbor has a Kia sedan that does this as he pulls out of the driveway and heads off down the street... it's annoying to me, but to each his own, right?) and I don't want to mess with installing a...
  6. Comparison of stock vs leveled Rangers in the wild

    It's probably some of both for most people. For me, it was all about getting rid of the amount of rake from the factory, and increasing ground clearance / approach angle. I plan to keep the stock tire size, but I love the look of the leveled truck and the extra bit of ground clearance has come...
  7. Turbosmart Kompact

    Ok, possibly dumb question here: I've got the Livernois tune, which I understand increases boost pressure a bit. Should I be replacing the factory BOV with something else? I don't necessarily want the typical BOV sound, but I don't want to damage the factory BOV due to needing to deal with more...
  8. Amp Research Power Steps

    Do you recommend I just go with the OBD port splitter that AMP offers? I read above that it does not fit very well in our truck's factory mount holes etc, so some kajiggery will be in order...
  9. Amp Research Power Steps

    So, without the OBD Port Splitter, I'll have to unplug the steps any time I need to plug something else into the OBD port, correct? Does that mean the steps just won't trigger open / close while the OBD dongle is unplugged? Can I tap into the factory obd wiring harness so I don't have to have a...
  10. Amp Research Power Steps

    Yup, seen that a number of times. It's great!
  11. Amp Research Power Steps

    Hey Bryan, THANK YOU for this picture! That extra drop seals the deal for me. I'll order them shortly. Anything you wish you would have known/done differently with your install? (that you did not cover above? (I.e., get better LED lights, don't bother with OBD pass through, etc) Thanks!
  12. Amp Research Power Steps

    Thanks for the back story, Phil! I'll definitely keep that in mind when deciding on whether to go with the Amp power bars or not. I don't want any broken ankles....
  13. Amp Research Power Steps

    I had all but convinced myself that I would be perfectly happy with the factory running boards, but last week we rented an Expedition for a family road trip, and I pretty much loved the power running boards on that thing. (I don't know if they were made by Amp, but my wife liked them more than...
  14. TSB 20-2277 2019-2020 Ranger - Shudder/Vibration When Accelerating From A Stop

    A few days ago (while driving in Mexico, of course) was the first time my Ranger was up above 100 mph. At 105 there is a pronounced hum/vibration that feels like it is coming from the drive train. So I have a mild shudder when starting from a stop between 8-12 mph, and a pretty strong...
  15. Should my console gear selector illuminate at night? 2020 Lariat

    I found this easy conversion kit to adapt your damper for glow in the dark:
  16. 2020 Ranger

    Had mine since the end of March this year. Around 6200 miles on the odometer. I've done a bunch of mods to it to make it mine, but there have been zero real problems with it from Ford. No vehicle is perfect, but this Ranger is as close to it for me as any vehicle I've ever owned.
  17. TSB 20-2277 2019-2020 Ranger - Shudder/Vibration When Accelerating From A Stop

    I just checked my US Built 2019 Ranger, and the tranny fill plug is as described in the manual linked above: on the side of the transmission, sandwiched in there right next to the exhaust. Since this has to be checked with the engine running and with the trans at 200ºF, I'm not sure I'm brave...
  18. coilover

    I picked up these coilovers for the front: Previously I had a Rough Country 2.5" lift up front on top of stock FX4 shocks. These coilovers offer a smidge less lift (lost about .5") by default, but they can be adjusted...
  19. coilover

    No, mine's a 4WD. My understanding is that the Eibach coilovers will lift a 2WD slightly higher up front because there is a bit less weight - maybe an extra quarter inch or so.
  20. Sway Bar Nut

    Box end wrench on the nut, allen key on the inner bolt. I've swapped my front suspension 2x now, and am finally getting pretty good at the process. 🤣