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  1. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    A couple of my competition Single Action Revolvers. These are 357 Magnum Ruger Vaqueros. I have been competing in Cowboy Action Shooting since 2013. It's a lot of fun. Just got done cleaning them.
  2. Various exhaust component deletes verses other combinations.

    Glad the muffler guy did not suggest the 10 Series then! The cabin sound level is at it's maximum allowed level for me. That is good info on the Delta Series. I may look into that. If the interior sound level was any higher than it is now I would not be a happy camper. Neither would my wife! My...
  3. Various exhaust component deletes verses other combinations.

    It's what the muffler guy suggested. Maybe it was the only one he had?
  4. Various exhaust component deletes verses other combinations.

    I had a Flowmaster 40 Series muffler installed in place of the stock muffler. I have had people ask what system I have and that it sounds good. I know the stock muffler is rather restrictive and the Flowmaster lets the engine breath easier. A good thing. Especially running the Livernois 91/93...
  5. Where do you mount a front license plate?

    Mine came with a license plate holder attached to the front bumper. You can probably order one at the dealership. Don't drill holes. Get the one designed for your truck.
  6. Is there supposed to be something up here...

    The manual clearly states it for tacos.
  7. Thoughts on this hood scoop?

    32 seconds of the video was more than enough for me. But I am an old man too.
  8. Ouch! PDR on aluminum hood?

    Yikes! A good PDR person would have their hands full even on a steel panel with that damage. They could make it a lot better though. Give it a shot.
  9. FORScan Modifications

    Hit the unlock button when you open the driver's door?

    Livernois Towing Tune 269.2 Horsepower @ 5450 rpm 328.9 Torque @3350 rpm
  11. Should I worry about hauling 1 yard of decomposed granite

    If you try it I hope you don't have to stop in a hurry. Or, heaven forbid, hurt you are someone else. There are maximum capacities published for a reason.
  12. Crappy dealership

    I should add that my dealership also had no problem with my Ford Pass Points when I purchased a swing out bed storage thingy. Just had to have the service department write up the order. Not the parts department.
  13. 2020 Ranger

    6500 miles in 6 months. There was a paint issue from the factory but it was taken care of promptly and under warranty. Zero mechanical issues. I drove the two major competitors and did my homework. Toyota came in second but the sluggish performance was a deal breaker for me. The Colorado was a...
  14. Just updated to Sync 3.4 on my Ranger 2019

    It is actually quite simple. You need to download the FORScan program onto your laptop. Follow the instructions to sign up for an account. It is free for a 60 day trial. Purchase the recommended OBD2 cable. Some folks have luck with generic cables but the one I bought would not work. Save some...
  15. Crappy dealership

    Sadly, this is very typical. The ONLY reason my truck would go to the dealer is for warranty work. And even then I do not like to do it.
  16. Place for Photography

    Very nice! The middle one is my favorite. Where is your back porch located?
  17. Place for Photography

    Earth's moon, 10/3/2020. Shot from my front yard.
  18. Report your MPG

    Livernois 91/93 Performance Tune 286.2 Horsepower @ 5350 rpm 332.8 Torque @ 3550 rpm Pretty stock truck. Mod descriptions are in my signature.
  19. Report your MPG

    5.8 mpg I’m not concerned. This is right after a dyno pull.