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  1. Colorado here

    I put a Century ultra sport topper on my Ranger and love it
  2. Job, what do you do

    Eric here, I've been turning wrenches for 46 years, mostly for Ford dealers. I am now a transit bus mechanic. I also teach cycling spin classes at a local gym.
  3. Which Octane to run?

    I started using 91 after the Ford tune. 91 is the highest we can get here in Colorado. If I could get 93 I would
  4. Fuel Economy Lawsuit

    I am averaging 22-23MPG, combined city and highway. 25K miles, 2" leveling kit, 265/70/17 tires, and Ford tune
  5. Five TPMS Sensors?

    I have, added a matching spare wheel with a TPMS . When I have the tires rotated, 5 tire rotation, they just relearn the 4 that are on the ground
  6. E85 question.

    ok dip shit I don't know where you get your information, but without major modifications you won't get more power, again not worth running it unless you plan on racing. and if you plan on racing build a race car not a pick up.
  7. E85 question.

    I'm sorry but you are the one misinformed, the only way you will get more power out of e85 is with major modifications. can you get more power out of e85, maybe but at what cost? so no its not worth the effort
  8. E85 question.

    you are right e85 is shit and not worth the effort
  9. E85 question.

    YOU CAN NOT BOOST THE TIMING!! The PCM has set tables and will not go past them no matter what the octane rating is. The PCM will back the timing off if it detects knock, or detonation, but will not keep advancing timing because it doesn't. We've been through this already. There is no advantage...
  10. 2021 Ram TRX

    I think its like the 392 Hemi in the Jeep. Chrysler is just trying to make up for the fact that their trucks aren't as good. Just put a big engine in it!! Even though, who really needs 700+ HP in a pick up
  11. Oil Catch Can. Yes or No?

    I'm with you, my last Ranger, 1994 4.0, had 390,000 miles on it. I plan to get the same out of this one. So I change oil and filter every 5K. I can't say for sure an oil catch can will keep my valves from coking but nobody has any proof that a catch can will cause any damage. So I am going to...
  12. Colorado here

    on my way to hike Mt of the Holy Cross via the Halo rim today
  13. FL400 Oil filter

    be careful buying filters from WW, they do have some counterfeit filters. if they are $0.75 or so less then you are probably ok, but $3 or $4 less I would stay clear.
  14. FL400 Oil filter

    very true, when I worked at Ford and the 5.4 went to VVT they had a lot of problems with Fram filters coming apart and plugging the oil passages in the cylinder heads. I would stick with what Ford put on it, at least until its out of warranty. but I would NEVER use a Fram filter. there are...
  15. Premium fuel?

    something else to keep in mine that even though the octane may be the same, 91, different brands have different additive packages so they can give better mileage and performance
  16. Colorado here

    looks like a great time. I hope to go one of these weekends
  17. Premium fuel?

    nothing needs to be modified to run an extra gallon of E85, there is just NO benefit to do so
  18. Premium fuel?

    and I will tell you again there are less BTU's in ethanol so there is NO way it will make your truck run better, sorry bud
  19. Premium fuel?

    you are assuming that the stock fuel injectors can supply enough fuel. 2nd its not spark knock that is dangerous to turbo engines its detonation that causes the damage which has nothing to do with spark timing. the stock fuel system will keep the 14.7:1 to get more power out of E85 it would...