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  1. Uncomfortable

    I cannot say that it was not ranch ready from the factory. I can say mine is more ranch ready than ever now.
  2. Uncomfortable

    @Str8sh0otr I am referring to the soft brakes/foot travel, having to kind of ride them down to a smooth stop non intuitive, and the little warped drum on the front feel, just prior to stop. The nose dive was absolutely attenuated to an acceptable degree for me with the Eibachs.
  3. Uncomfortable

    OP, The Eibach front and rear shocks took the "whiplash" out of the ride for me for me, the fronts are adjustable height I left them at the 0" setting. I drove that for awhile with stock wheels and tires 17" w/ bridgestone dueller AT's before adding sidewall. The improvement was worth the price...
  4. Do you think they’ll bring back the “Splash” Ranger?

    Less bed in bed maybe so, but the flare side holds more stuff; no bottleneck.
  5. I guess I'm gonna be the Guinea pig

    I bought these shocks and used oem springs with 0" setting. This install alone increased ride quality tremendously. Combined with increased sidewall this fixed all of my various non-brake RQ issues. Level may give you a little different results. The mech said at 0" setting on front he still...
  6. Do you think they’ll bring back the “Splash” Ranger?

    Flare side = no wheel wells in the bed.
  7. Free Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates (NA 1 18)

    I would like topo and satellite. What is the benefit of the map update?
  8. 2020 Build and Price Tool is Live!

    I feel better about getting the initial year 2019 when I see that there are no significant changes in the 2020 other than price. If red had been available I probably would of gone that route, but I am happy with the Grey Manalishi.
  9. Issues with 5-Star tune

    Averaging 80 mph with 85 octane over the divide through a long stretch across the plains in high winds; 19.1 does not seem to far out of an expected range in my opinion. I would hope it would stay above 20-21 mpg in those conditions but I have yet to rode trip mine.
  10. 2019 Ford Ranger Reviews Compilation

    Bump over the noise:
  11. 2019 Ford Ranger Reviews Compilation

    The Base Colorado 4 banger is $3700 less than the XL Ranger and comes with an actual long bed that a fellow can access via a nicely integrated bumper step; to boot. When you say it is substandard to the XL that may or may not apply to the Base Colorado as compared to the XL, probably not when...
  12. 2019 Ford Ranger Reviews Compilation

    I am not going to agree that an entry WT Colorado is substandard by comparison unless you are including the 4 cyl non diesel version. That configuration is obviously an outlier model and did/does not even include a 4x4. That and due to reduced price for it provides that it is not a valid...
  13. 2019 Ford Ranger Reviews Compilation

    Floyd. Have you owned any trim level Colorado? Nope! Have you ever even owned a truck prior to the Ranger? Are you critical of any anything about the Ranger? Because this truck although a good truck is not the end all and be all of mid size trucks. There will be better. The Ranger has raised...
  14. 2019 Ford Ranger Reviews Compilation

    2500 mile review It depends on what you want. For me the Ranger allows confident access to rugged parts of my property that I would not have considered taking my old Colorado. That alone makes me glad i bought it over the F-150 or a new Colorado when replacing the 2015 Colorado. My old...
  15. What’s with all the Ranger hate reviews?

    My wife: why are you listening to that? Me:I think they got one with a bad tranny. Yeah now that i think about it I do believe they had some type of incentive for this review.
  16. What’s with all the Ranger hate reviews?

    Moved my 2500 mile review that I had posted here to the review compilation thread because it is obvious to me now that these guys are not on the level. No soup for them!
  17. Hellwig rear sway bar kit is.....

    Yo Hellwig wake up! I am not even going to consider your product until you address Burger's concerns. He gave you a pretty favorable performance review on top of making his truck available for you to access this revenue stream.
  18. Wiring Diagram??

    Thank you so much! I am going to have to give this some serious thought.
  19. Wiring Diagram??

    I am looking for the heated seat connectors so that I can disconnect or terminate the circuit for the bottom element and leave the back element circuit intact and working. Please help if you can. Thank you.
  20. New FORD Pickup coming - smaller than Ranger

    The Ford Escort Ranchero Sport FTW 4x4 Splash.